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In another post for The Animanga Festival, let’s talk about places I’d like to go in anime-land.

Let’s get one thing outta the way, right now. We already know what worlds I’d definitely visit if given the chance. But this isn’t exactly about that. This is more about specific locations within said worlds. And while I can list any number of places to go, the goal is to make a trip itinerary. That said, I’m still going to be basing this on a main location, then rattling off to the rest. So, without further ado, let’s begin our vacation!

Experience the Sights and SOUNDS of the Future

There are plenty of reasons to be taken with this futuristic city on a faraway planet. One of the things that most appeals to the more ambitious travelers is that it represents the promise of America, without some of the actual trappings of America, itself. (Though it certainly does have its own issues. And those become very apparent in the second half of the series) It’s a place that people can go to get a fresh start and become anything. Mars exists for dreamers.

There’s something uniquely captivating about the culture. Because it seems very much like it could be a real place in the future (perhaps barring the scamming AI bots). But another thing is just that a lot of the things that might be seen as divisive in our modern, everyday lives just seem irrelevant. It just goes to show how Mars isn’t a place for the smallminded. It’s very inclusive in a way. And it’s also exceptionally culturally diverse. While most of what we see is the streamline, futuristic architecture, there’s also plenty of buildings in older styles, like you’d find in Uptown Manhattan or in D.C. And that sort of marriage of new and old makes the place feel lived-in.

(WARNING: Critical Shift. Sorry in Advance) And one of the biggest contributions to this, which I’m not sure was even intentional, comes from the musical aspect of the show. The songs are all (or at least mostly) done in languages that are very specifically not Japanese. All of the titular duo’s music is in English. There’s at least one song with some Spanish in there, one in French, and so-on. But that kinda leads me to this point where I think the sub (however much I don’t think the singing voices “match” the Japanese seiyuu in most every case) has one major advantage over the dub. The sub brings with it the likely unintentional implication that everyone there (or at least the majority of people) are multilingual. Meaning that diversity isn’t a bug here, it’s a feature.

All of this is completely setting aside a lot of the fun futuristic aspects that are added just to give flavor to the world and story, which would be fun to play with. The various types of AI – even pets that double as clocks – the advanced computing systems, and so-on. It’s all cool while being just familiar enough that I don’t feel like I’d be completely lost if I suddenly wound up there.

For an added tidbit of interest, check out this interview with Bahi JD on Sakuga Blog. It’s about the opening but gives a lot of insight into the general art direction thereof.

Other Mentions

But now let’s talk about some other places I’d love to go, shall we? Because we know I can’t make this just about one thing. So!

Begin your Pokemon Adventure in a Beautiful Eastern Lands of Kanto, Johto, Alola, and Hoenn

We all know I very much want to live in a Pokemon world (points if you see what I did there). But, as I said, this is about specific locations, not worlds. So, in terms of where, specifically, I’d want to go, that’s easy. Kanto, Johto, Alola. Maaaybe a dash of Hoenn.

Japanese culture is beautiful. The lands of Kanto and Johto are specifically based on that culture. And Johto, in particular, is also visually beautiful. The two lands well represent the busy life and the quiet life, quite well. But once you’ve had your chance to enjoy a nice festival and visit a few temples, maybe it’s time to switch up the scenery. That’s where we leave the mainland for something more… tropical. Hoenn is our next stop.

Surrounded by the beautiful ocean and bursting with all manner of colorful new Pokemon, Hoenn sets itself apart with its incredibly varied landscape. From raging desert to cozy hot springs, it’s a warm and inviting region, perfect for a tropical vacation.

But if you’re looking for a little more culture, give Alola a shot. The island life is easygoing, the people are friendly, and the parties are as fun as can be. Enjoy the surf, take a hike up the local volcano. Or try your hand at some of the local traditions. We can’t wait to see you. From all of us to you, Alola!

Master the Laws of Physics in Academy City

Academy City is just a really cool idea. Another situation of a city that’s feasibly futuristic, but not so much as to be totally alien. Which makes sense, seeing as it’s actually not set in the future. It’s just a hyper-advanced city. And a cool bonus if I’m actually able to be an Esper in the place.

Alas, I can’t very well make a this as much of a mock-itinerary entry because… well, the city’s pretty non-descript outside of what it is. But it’s certainly bound to be a pretty fun place to visit.

The Gods Smile Upon You in Orario

Orario is also obvious, right? About as obvious as my adoration of DanMachi in general? It’s already based around JRPGs.

If you’re looking for a different kind of adventure, come to Orario. Many find the deity-centric culture to be captivating. Learn more about the many Familias that populate the city. Who knows. Perhaps the more weary travelers among you will, at long last, find the place you belong. Become an adventurer yourself! Or perhaps just take a scenic trip through the… less hazardous levels of the local dungeon. We’ll provide seasoned adventurers as escorts so you can have the full Orario Experience.


And that’s a wrap on another day of this fun event! Like before, be sure to check out #theAnimangaFestival on Twitter to see what the other participants had to say! What specific locations would you guys like to visit in anime-land? Let me know, down below!

Keep up the Awesome!

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    Now that I think about it, Academy City is probably one of, if not my absolute favorite location in anime. With such a massive sprawling high-tech metropolis to explore, having an ability would only be half the fun!


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