DanMachi vs. Isekai Cheat Magician | Double Round | Anime TKO

Well. The finals are going to be… interesting. If this is any indication.

EvilBob: …Are we really doing this?

Voyager: Huh?

EvilBob: You know how this ends. We ALL know how this ends.

Voyager: But… the season’s not over yet!

EvilBob: …Do you really think that matters?

Voyager: Uh… time for the opening thoughts!



EvilBob: Is the Duke in Isekai Cheat Magician an Idiot? One of his men told them that Taichi and RIn could be a threat and he ignored the man in favor of a frontal assault. And then he says he’s worried about them too. I think he should’ve tried to deal with them first, it makes more sense to take care of an unknown than charging in without a clue. Also shouldn’t he have heard about the monster attack? The calm before the storm moments were great. Oh looks like that one guy was gonna try to kill them anyway, that’s cool to bad the assassin is an amateur oh great another call back to the one that died… other than that it’s an okay episode.

Then, on the DanMachi side of things, I’m just going to say… Go get her Bell! He finally found the courage to rescue the girl and he succeeded in a single episode… My god, this show is good. I guess it makes more sense why he struggled with things now. Story-wise and time-wise (Voyager: It made total sense, to begin with. Just sayin’). If he had just done this from the beginning, we wouldn’t have had that satisfying payoff at the last minute and the whole thing would be a little short. With at least four more episodes left this season, I do wonder if what’s left is clean up for what just happened.

Voyager: I… don’t really have a whole lot to add to that. Eheheh…

EvilBob: …Seriously?

Voyager: What? You said it all so well, Bobblehead!

EvilBob: Don’t call me that.

Voyager: Aw. You’re no fun…




EvilBob: Isekai Cheat Magician felt like a waste of time, this go-around. It brought back a lesser villain, trying to give us more from him. Almost as boring as the training session Rin and Myura had. They seem to not know how to make these things as interesting as the Opening. I’m not saying they had bad animation. They just did slow and basic fighting moves that made them last way too long. And the character development wasn’t all that great either.

DanMachi, on the other hand, was amazing. Not only did Ishtar’s Familia get its just desserts Bell had an amazing hero moment. Not much else I can say about this episode. It’s a fulfilling payoff episode that does its job well. Also, Bell using a Falcon punch to finish off that one lady was great.

Voyager: Hmm… “waste of time” might be a bit far. It was definitely going for something. Perhaps setting up for a more mutually respectful relationship between those two in the future. Maybe even an alliance. But the rest of it was pretty lame. The logistics around the war aspect are weird too. Shouldn’t they have already been at war? The Duke attacked in the last episode, right? Eeeeh… it’s making my head hurt. Oh, but DanMachi was as awesome as ever, yeah! Way awesome! Super-mega-awesome, even!

EvilBob: …who are you?

Voyager: Sooo… The characters are-

EvilBob: DanMachi.

Voyager: Yeah… yeah… But in Round 2-!

EvilBob: Still DanMachi

Voyager: Booob. Don’t spoil the surpri-…

EvilBob: Can’t even finish it, can ya?

Voyager: Yeah, no… 2 Points to House DanMachi!

EvilBob: …Did you just… Harry Potter our TKO?

Voyager: Hee.

Voyager: Okay, so-!

EvilBob: DanMachi.

Voyager: Aww, at least let us talk it up a bit!

EvilBob: Okay. *clears throat* Round 2. Isekai Cheat Magician has just never been on the same level – the same planet, the same solar system – as DanMachi. So it gets that point too.

Voyager: Well… that’s… not untrue, I guess.

Voyager: So the story’s actually a really interesting category because-

EvilBob: DanMachi.

Voyager: You’re, really starting to spoil the fun, ya know that?

EvilBob: What’re you talking about? I’m having a blast.

Voyager: *blink* Okay. Right! Two points to DanMachi! Again!

Voyager: Now, for this category-

V&E: DanMachi.

EvilBob: Wait, huh?

Voyager: Oh. Oh, I’m sorry! Did I step on your line? My sincerest apologies! Here, you can go again for round two! You can just say DanMachi wins the point and we can move right along!

EvilBob: I… you just said it.

Voyager: *gasp* Oh no! Aw, I messed up again! I’m sorry, Bob! But hey! Now you can say that DanMachi gets both points to close it out!

EvilBob: You just said that, though!

Voyager: Whaaaat? Psh, no way. I wouldn’t be that careless.

EvilBob: This is… suddenly a lot less amusing.

Voyager: Whoa! DanMachi already won by a landslide! Guess we don’t need this category!

EvilBob: What?! Hold up! You can’t do that!

Voyager: Oh! Then I guess we should just give it these two points and go, right? I mean, it totally earned them anyway.

EvilBob: You cheeky…


Voyager: Well. That was…

EvilBob: Oof?

Voyager: Oof.

EvilBob: I mean… it’s a foregone conclusion. Isekai Cheat Magician… just isn’t that good.

Voyager: Hmm… nope! But DanMachi is pretty amazing, though!

EvilBob: . . .Can we send this new version of you back? I think it’s defective. It’s all cheerful and happy.

Voyager: Ahaha! No I’m not! You’re just really grumpy!

EvilBob: *grumble*

Voyager: Well, that’s it, everyone! Thanks for reading, as always!

EvilBob: Goody. More time wasted…

Voyager: That’s not your line, silly!

EvilBob: …Keep it Classy!

Voyager: Eh? Hey, no fair, speeding it up like that! Uh, Keep up the Awesome! Take Care!

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