Okaasan Online vs. Isekai Cheat Magician | Tiebreaker Round | Anime TKO

The Battle for Isekai Supremacy led to a draw. Now it’s that time again. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for a Tiebreaker!

Voyager: Okay! Time to finally close the book on this season’s battle for Isekai Supremacy!

EvilBob: …Just end it quick.

Voyager: As you wish!

Iyayo iyayo mosukino uchi! by Spira Spica

Voyager: Aw! It’s cute!

EvilBob: Boy, it’s adorable. And THAT is why it deserves to win! It represents all of the characters well, has some really nice visuals, the works! It’s definitely the superior… opening… of the… just go.

Voyager: ‘kay!


Voyager: Now that, right there, is a bop. Myth & Roid knows how to crank of an awesome tune. Between this and Boogiepop, not long ago, I’m starting to get really interested in hearing more of their body of work!

EvilBob: So that’s where the animation budget went!

Voyager: Oh, you noticed!

EvilBob: I mean, it sure as heck didn’t go into the anime. Even if it has gotten better, seriously. The heck’s up with that?

Voyager: They really wanted to hook you in?

EvilBob: To make up for how mediocre the series is otherwise, huh?

Voyager: Pro’lly. But it worked! The visuals are a lot better than the anime, too. And it does basically tell you the basic breakdown of the story being shown in the series, which is always a nice touch!


Voyager: Sooo, does this mean I win?

EvilBob: Oh, come off it!

Voyager: Yaaay!

EvilBob: Insufferable little…

Voyager: Hm?

EvilBob: Nothing! So, uh, that’s the bracket, everyone! What’d you think? Should Okaasan Online have actually won this?

Voyager: Let us know, down below! Thanks for reading!

EvilBob: And letting us waste your time.

Voyager: Keep up the Awesome!

EvilBob: And Keep it Classy.

Voyager: Take care.

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