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Soul Eater | Episode 42 Mini-Review | Soul Eater Summer

And now we draw close to the endgame.

Quick Thoughts

Soul Eater

Things are gloomy, indeed. And though the endgame fast approaches, one gets the sense that a lot of characters are really starting to come full circle.

Favorite Screen Grab

Soul Eater

Crona even says as much in the episode, but I think it’d have worked just as well without the line on the matter. Seeing Crona crossing this desert is just the ultimate in symbolism. How his mindscape, early on, was represented by a lonely desert island. Then he ran away into a desert, just a couple episodes ago. And now he’s here. So much growth and such a wonderful arc for this character.

Favorite Line

Soul Eater

I dunno which part about this line I like most. The fact that it’s representative of Maka’s awesome character arc… or the fact that, of people, the one saying it is Black☆Star.

MVP: Maka

Soul Eater

No surprise, here. Maka’s character journey has been fantastic, as we really get to explore all of her own insecurities, doubts, and fears. And this episode finally overcoming a lot of them in her pursuit of exactly what it is she wants most.


Phew. Getting close, here. On with the show. So what about you guys? What do you think of Maka’s character journey? Let me know, down below. Catch ya next time. Keep up the Awesome!

Take Care,

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Soul Eater


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