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Soul Eater | Episode 37 Mini-Review | Soul Eater Summer

The calm AFTER the storm.

Quick Thoughts

Soul Eater

“Calm” may be relative. The students are all dealing with the ramifications of losing to Arachnophobia (though, in actuality, losing to Medusa) during the mission. And the unsteady, tense feeling surrounding those events is palpable.

Favorite Screen Grab

Soul Eater

I… don’t really have one, this time. There weren’t any outstanding jokes are especially creative shots. But I like Patty. And the effort that she put into thinking really hard was cute.

Favorite Line

Soul Eater

Just a really astute observation for someone slipping more and more off his gourd.

MVP: Stein

Soul Eater

No character really locked this episode down on their own. So I’ll give this one up to Stein who once again put on an incredibly unhinged performance, layer over some scathing dialogue for Kid. Dialogue that questions one’s very perception of the world.


Fairly short, this time, but there wasn’t much to unpack in this episode. What’d you think of it? Let me know, down below. Keep up the Awesome!

Take Care,

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Soul Eater


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