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Quick Thoughts

Soul Eater

This episode starts out on such a feel-good note before getting dark as hell. And I love it for that. Of course, it also spends the majority of its time on potentially my favorite character in the series. So yeah.

Favorite Screen Grab

Soul Eater

It’s a pretty simple one, this time. But I actually really like what it says. How is captures that loneliness and isolation that Crona’s just resigned himself to being in. And the feeling of powerlessness to do anything about it out of fear of Medusa. What’s more, showing the creeping shadow behind him that sort of looks like it’s reaching out to pull him into that darkness. It’s just a really great image.

Favorite Line

Soul Eater

Hey. Little by little is often times the best way for us, as individuals, to overcome whatever hurdles we face in life. Especially the psychological and emotional ones like those Crona has to face.

MVP: Crona

Soul Eater

I really shouldn’t need to say why. Crona is just such a fascinating character. Watching him as he gets acclimated to DWMA is just a great watch. He’s adjusting, recovering from the trauma of his past. At last it seems he may actually be free from it all… and then comes his Wicked Bi- WITCH. Wicked Witch of a mother. As the famous Godfather quote goes:

Poor Crona. He doesn’t deserve any of this, alas.


And that’s it for this one. What do you think of Crona’s slow recovery and sudden regression? Handled well? Let me know down below! Catch ya next time. Keep up the Awesome!

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