Okaasan Online vs. Isekai Cheat Magician | Round 2 | Anime TKO

The battle of the Isekai continues!

EvilBob: All right! Let’s get ready for me to win this thing!

Voyager: Way to keep your spirits up after losing so much, Bob! That’s seriously admirable!

EvilBob: …why does your praise fill me with shame?


Isekai Cheat Magician

EvilBob: The Schooling continues with Okaasan Online. This was an overall funny episode with a little cap of unnecessarily awkward fanservice towards the end. If it keeps doing this I’m going to need therapy seriously stop it already (Voyager: Hmm? Grown man needs therapy over incredibly tame fanservice? Heehee. You’re funny). Quiet, you! This is my time! Other than that the episode was a lot of fun I loved watching them make items on an RNG system that was hilariously stupid.

Voyager: So that was pretty cool. I… don’t really have a whole lot else to say, honestly. It’s just a perfectly solid mid-season climax. Not much else to it. Rin and company fight off one army, Taichi and Ana fight off another. Not a whole lot of anything else to honestly report. The animation got another nice little bump, tho! So that was cool! And Taichi even got a few cool lines in. Oh! And Rin did a cool thing! Uuuntil it no longer worked. But still! A cool thing!

EvilBob: Sooo. Your characters better yet?

Voyager: Nope!

EvilBob: Oh… well, I guess that’s my win, then!

Voyager: Yup! *claps for you*

EvilBob: …this again, huh?

EvilBob: Okay! We know I got this one in the ba-!

Voyager: Whoooa! Those monsters in the pool look so lame! Ahahaha!

EvilBob: T-that’s on purpose! This is a comedy! They’re not supposed to look good!

Voyager: Hm? But Kaguya-sama’s a comedy, and it looks great. Oooh, and the magic effects sure haven’t improved much, have they?

EvilBob: W-well…

Voyager: Oh, Bob! Did you see Rin’s awesome pressure cooker spell?! The animation’s gotten way better and smoother, huh?

EvilBob: I… do have to admit. That was kinda cool.

Voyager: Right?! Hm? What was the one scene that was the most cleanly animated in your entire epis- oh. Ooooh.

EvilBob: Oh, just take the point.

Voyager: Yaaay!

EvilBob: So, le’me guess. You’re gonna take this one again, right?

Voyager: Mmmm… nah, you can have it.

EvilBob: EH?

Voyager: Yup. You can have it. My episode’s plot was kinda meh and there’s still not really a lot of character development to speak of. We actually got a little more development out of Medhi and her mom, especially, in your episode, so…

EvilBob: Oh. Um. T-thank you! That means… ha. Haha! I’m at matchpoint, already! Just one more and this round is MINE!

EvilBob: Now to claim my last point!

Voyager: Hm…

EvilBob: Oh, come on. There’s no way you beat me in worldbuilding.

Voyager: Hm? But I did last time.

EvilBob: …you wound me, sir.

Voyager: So what awesome new stuff did we learn about your world, this time?

EvilBob: A-awesome… new things? Uh… I… that… it’s… funny?

Voyager: Oh. That again. ‘kay.

EvilBob: Well, what about yours?!

Voyager: Nothing massive, really. But we did get to see more of this world at work and being used overall throughout the course of the episode. I’d count that.

EvilBob: Wait. But… No!

Voyager: Sooo can I have this point?

EvilBob: Errrgh…

Voyager: Yay! We’re tied! Look Bob! Look! We’re even again! Isn’t that cool?!

EvilBob: Yeah. Just… Awesome.

EvilBob: *reaches towards the point*

Voyager: Whatcha doin’?

EvilBob: …Nothing.

Voyager: *blink*

EvilBob: *stretches more*

Voyager: Jiiiiiiiii…

EvilBob: Stop staring at me with that tone!

Voyager: *stares without the tone*

EvilBob: Fine! Take it!

Voyager: Huh?

EvilBob: You think I can’t tell what you’re doing? You’re totally looking at me like ‘well, the atmosphere in my episode is great.’ Just because it actually managed to set up some tension by splitting up the fight and introducing the idea of some genuine peril at the end so Taichi’s arrival was made all that much cooler doesn’t mean Okaasan Online didn’t do a good job with its own atmosphere! The whiplash between comedic and heartfelt isn’t a problem at all! But since your show is ‘o so superior, you take the stupid point!

Voyager: …’kay. *takes the point*

EvilBob: Wait! But, but… but that was mine!

Voyager: But you just told me to take it. And you laid it out pretty thoroughly. I was surprised! You’re pretty cool, Bob!

EvilBob: …I despise you.

Voyager: Eh?

EvilBob: Nothing!

Voyager: Hooo! I win again! I win again!

EvilBob: (One of these days, stick-bug…)

Voyager: Booob. You’re mumbling again. Speak up or I can’t hear what you’re saying… *pouts*

EvilBob: …That’s all we have for you today, people.

Voyager: Oh! Should Okaasan Online have-

EvilBob: YES.

Voyager: Booob. Le’me finish what I’m sayiiing! Anyway, should Okaasan Online have really lost, this one? Or did Isekai Cheat Magician really earn this win? Let us know, down below!

EvilBob: . . .

Voyager: Thanks for reading, as always!

EvilBob: …and for watching me waste my time…

Voyager: Keep up the Awesome!

EvilBob: Yeah, whatever.

Voyager: Bye!

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