Soul Eater | Episode 28 Mini-Review | Soul Eater Summer

Well… he’s an idiot, but his heart’s in the right place.

Quick Thoughts

Soul Eater

When I first saw this series – I’ll be completely honest – I thought Mifune was gonna wind up being a throwaway character. Had nooo idea he’d come back and wind up being this awesome.

Favorite Screen Grab

Soul Eater

D’awww. Big, tough man has a cute side. That’s just adowable.

Favorite Line

Soul Eater

Okay, but really, I just like the implications of this line. I read it something like this: As we get older and more experienced with things, any improvements we make would become gradually more and more incremental. To the point where they’re difficult to notice at all. Mifune’s acknowledging Black Star’s growth and improvement so clearly is simultaneously a compliment and an insult, directly stating that, yeah, he’s gotten better. But it also just goes to prove exactly how outclassed he is. It’s the kind of really clever, subtle line that I really enjoy.

MVP: Mifune

Soul Eater

Yes, yes, it was a Black Star episode. But Black Star didn’t exactly show any major signs of development or change in it. It was just set up for him to continue down the next stretch of his (and Tsubaki’s) character arc. The one who really stole the show was Mifune. We got some of his backstory, more of his awesome dialogue, and even a nice action sequence. I really like his fighting style. It’s technical, rather than especially flashy. And there aren’t really enough of those in shows like this, I’d say.


And that’s it for now. What do you guys think of Mifune and An? Let me know, down below! Catch ya next time. Keep up the Awesome!

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