Okaasan Online vs. Isekai Cheat Magician | Round 1 | Anime TKO

The Isekai Smackdown is still underway! Which will come out on top? FIGHT!

EvilBob: Ah! This is gonna be fun. Hopefully nowhere near as hard as the last one.

Voyager: Probably not. But the more challenging ones are pretty fun in their own way, right?

EvilBob: Yeah sure. These should be a lot more evenly matched than the Isekai we already culled out, anyway.

Voyager: Yeah, that’s true. Anyway, let’s get this show on the road!

EvilBob: Right. On to the opening thoughts!


Okaasan Online

EvilBob: It looks like Isekai Cheat Magician’s animation got a little better this episode. It’s not on Okaasan Online’s level still but, hopefully, the actual plot and characters will make this a somewhat close battle. I do like how we might have what looks like a main antagonist now though It’s unclear if he is connected to the summoning interruption at the first part of the show. Meanwhile Okaasan Online took us to an in-game school… I’m not sure I can say much else about that. Everything that happened was expected. It was fun at least.

Voyager: I don’t really have much to say on either of these. He’s right, there was a very noticeable bump in the animation quality for Isekai Cheat Magician. But everything else was fairly standard. A competent episode from it and a reasonably funny one from its competition, Okaasan Online. Not a whole lot more to say on a greater scale, all things considered.

EvilBob: So. Voyager. How’re them characters treatin’ you?

Voyager: Hm? Well, they’re okay, I suppose.

EvilBob: Only okay, huh? Well, mine are still greeeat.

Voyager: Oh yeah? Good for you!

EvilBob: …Sooo, which of your cast is standing out more than the rest? Any memorable personalities or anything yet?

Voyager: Hmmmm. Nope, not really.

EvilBob: …So that makes it my point then!

Voyager: Cool! Way to go!


EvilBob: Hey, that animation bump means Isekai Cheat Magician can compete with Okaasan Online, right?

Voyager: Hm?

EvilBob: It’s just as beautiful now, riiight?

Voyager: Mmm… I don’t think so. Okaasan Online is really pretty to look at, most of the time. Or at least has a really aesthetically pleasing style. And the design sensibilities stand out a lot more in it.

EvilBob: …Can you please help me make this fun?

Voyager: Ahahaha! But this is fun!

EvilBob: That’s not what I meant! Ergh. Just gi’me the point.

Voyager: ‘Kay!

Voyager: Bob! Bob!

EvilBob: What? What?

Voyager: How’s your story, coming along?

EvilBob: Uh… i-it’s… funny?

Voyager: Oh… well that’s cool.

EvilBob: In fact, it’s funny enough where I should get the-

Voyager: Oh hey! Mine got better!

EvilBob: …Did it, now?

Voyager: Yeah, yeah! The characters aren’t all that special yet, but the plots trucking along and they’re being pushed in new ways. We’re even starting to see a bit more out of them!

EvilBob: Oh… good…

Voyager: Right?! Oh. What were you gonna say before?

EvilBob: …That you can have the point.

Voyager: Oh, really? Yay!

Voyager: Oh! Bob!

EvilBob: Yeees?

Voyager: How’s the worldbuilding?!

EvilBob: It’s… funny? Question mark?

Voyager: Oh…


Voyager: Well mine’s still developing a lot of the world’s rules and stuff. Like that ritual they used to make the beast in the last episode. And also more details on the power system and stuff!

EvilBob: …Is that right?

Voyager: Yup! It was pretty cool!

EvilBob: Great…

Voyager: Yeah! I bet your world’s pretty cool, with all the videogame rules and settings and stuff.

EvilBob: It’s… okay.

Voyager: Huh? Only okay? Hm… well, I guess there’s nothing wrong with that.

EvilBob: You little…

Voyager: Hm?

EvilBob: Nothing! Nothing. I was just saying, uh… you can have this point!

Voyager: You mean it!? Awesome!

Voyager: Bob!

EvilBob: What is it now?

Voyager: How’s the atmosphere in Okaasan Online?

EvilBob: It’s… funny.

Voyager: Oooooh. Well, mine is-

EvilBob: Just take the stupid point.

Voyager: Huh? Oh, okay. Thanks!


Voyager: Hey, I won!

EvilBob: (this is so unbelievably rigged…)

Voyager: Heh? What’re you mumbling, Bob?

EvilBob: Nothing…

Voyager: You look really grumpy. This was totally fun, right?!

EvilBob: *incoherent grumbling*

Voyager: Heehee. You’re making funny noises. Anyway, what do you guys think? Did Isekai Cheat Magician earn this win? Or should it have gone to EvilBob’s last holdout, Okaasan Online?

EvilBob: You…

Voyager: Let us know, down below! Thanks, as always, for reading!


Voyager: Hm? Bob, that’s your cue.

EvilBob: …and for letting us waste your time…

Voyager: Keep up the Awesome!

EvilBob: Now go away.

Voyager: Take Care!

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