The Summer 2019 Anime TKO Semifinals Are A Go!

With the first round now behind us and the first few shows culled from the running, it’s time to take a dive into round two. BEGIN!

EvilBob: Round 2. Yes. I’m still in this. I still have a chance!

Voyager: That’s the spirit!

EvilBob: Just you watch! Okaasan Online is going to take everyone by surprise! You’ll see!

Voyager: I’m totally looking forward to it!

EvilBob: …your support feels somehow incredibly condescending.

Voyager: So! The ladies have already taken the liberty of explaining how we’re going to be running the Semifinals for us. Here’s hoping you enjoy what we’ve got in store!

EvilBob: Aaand a quick thing. You probably noticed we didn’t actually include any ‘outrunners’ like we intended to before.

Voyager: Fact is, there just wasn’t any time. I, personally, was barely able to watch even the anime we actually had lined up for the TKO. And that’s on top of Soul Eater. BUT! Not to worry! Because this time we should be able to actually do a few!

EvilBob: Maybe not in every bracket, but every now and then we’ll sprinkle in a show that has a stand out episode for you guys.

Voyager: I’m thinking of maybe bringing in Granbelm or Takagi-san. Should be fun!

EvilBob: And I’ll probably talk about If it’s for my Daughter, I’d Even Defeat a Demon Lord. It’s cute and heartwarming!

Voyager: (and uncomfortably oedipal)

EvilBob: Huh?

Voyager: What?


Voyager: And that’s basically it! Be sure to check out that video to learn about what’s in store! The Semifinals officially go live real soon so stick around!

EvilBob: Stay Too- wait…

Voyager: Ahahaha! He goofed. Keep up the Awesome! ‘kay bye!

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