Soul Eater | Episode 16 Mini-Review | Soul Eater Summer

And here we have a perfect example of this show managing to somehow maximize its use of the runtime it’s been given.

Quick Thoughts

Soul Eater

Oh my god, this episode was loaded. I found myself checking the runtime at the bottom constantly. Not because I wanted it to end. But because it amazed me how much was fit into so little time.

Favorite Screen Grab

Soul Eater

…Y’know. I’m sure it must be getting old, my constantly justifying these with “It looked cool.” But…

Favorite Line

All right. I’m gonna go ahead and cheat because it caused me physical pain to try and decide between these two. So, the first one comes early on.

Soul Eater

Ohohoh, this line is just fantastic. It just says a lot about Crona while also hardly saying anything at all. The next one comes towards the end. It’s one of the last things said in the episode, in fact.

Soul Eater

I just love Lord Death’s little monologue, here. Because it takes the very literal concern that we were made curious about in the previous episode and skirts around it by connecting the already vague line to the very prominent themes of fear and madness that are all over this series. It’s just an excellent usage of double meaning.

MVP: Uh…

Soul Eater

Okay, I got nothin’ with this one. Unlike last time, where it’s a factor of my just not thinking any particular performances stood out, this time it’s the exact opposite. An example of an episode that is filled to the brim with stuff happening. And just about every key piece of the episode had some sort of standout moment from one character, if not several. Crona in the fight with Kid? Crushed it. Getting a muuuch better peek into Liz’s perspective during that very same fight? Check. The “confrontation” between Medusa and Stein? Hell, they both killed that one. Just so many great things happening that it’s really impossible to pin the success of the episode on just one character, alone.


Hoo boy. This was an episode indeed. But we’re getting there, folks. What was your favorite portion? Kid vs. Crona? Medusa’s chat with Maka? Her chat with Stein? The infiltration mission gone awry? Let me know, down below! Catch ya next time. Keep up the Awesome!

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