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Quick Thoughts

Soul Eater

Behold. The episode that really sold me on these two. Yeah, I know. It’s early. But this episode convinced these guys had a lot of potential and would actually grow, instead of just being a gag.

Favorite Screen Grab

Soul Eater

I just love the way this version of the ‘living shadow’ thing looks. It’s so different from the usual. The wiry look of it just makes it really creepy and unsettling. Which is very on-brand.

Favorite Line

Soul Eater

I have neither the time nor patience to sit and research the topic for a large amount of time. But, on a whim, I went and researched the Tsubaki flower after seeing this line. And the use of both floral symbology and botanical knowledge makes this brief opening monologue rather great. Tsubaki is the name of Camellia Flowers in Japan. In the Edo Period, those very flowers were symbolic of a noble death. Which is a lot closer to home and better connected to Tsubaki’s emotional state in this episode than the more broadly understood meaning of “love” that they tend to have. What’s more, referring to the factor of most not having a scent and the flower’s way of losing their petals is yet more great symbology. That first part even works two-fold when you consider that she’s a ninja.

MVP: Black Star & Tsubaki

Soul Eater

I’m actually not sure which of the two to give the MVP spot to more, so I’m gonna let both of ’em have it. No doubt, most of the emotional weight of the episode is set up and carried by Tsubaki. But Black Star manages to somehow have the perfect response, hitting all the right chords to elevate her own part in the arc. The pair are excellent support for one another, and I mean that on a narrative level as much as their actual support nature towards one another. It’s really great how they use the two characters to essentially inform one another in such a seamless way. It’s Tsubaki’s arc and yet we learn so much about Black Star while not letting her get lost in his story. Great stuff, across the board from these two.


And that’s all she wrote, folks. What do you guys think? Did Black Star or Tsubaki shine more in this episode? Let me know, down below! Catch ya next time. Keep up the Awesome!

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