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Building parties with a couple of imprisoned girls isn’t the link I expected between these two episodes but… a’ight.

Voyager: *siiigh*…

EvilBob: What’s your problem?

Voyager: These shows are… they’re gonna be the ones, this season, aren’t they?

EvilBob: Huh?

Voyager: The ones that are neck-and-neck because neither of them is especially good.

EvilBob: …Yeeeah.

Voyager: Well. Onto the opening thoughts.

Okaasan Online

EvilBob: I have mixed feelings about this episode of Okaasan Online. The interviews were fine but the dungeon-delving part happened much later in the manga. Of course, I haven’t touched the light novel so I have no idea when it happened there. Anyway, I call bull on the slimes’ attack only affecting Mamako. Although her powering through it to slay the monster(s) was a pretty fun reaction. I hope they do things less like this in the future. That being said, I enjoyed the reference to The Slayers it’s one of my favorite comedy anime so I feel like that was a nice touch.

Voyager: Meh. This episode was… fine. Exactly like the previous one. Nothing good, nothing especially bad. The action wasn’t as entertaining. The drama falls a bit short since, again, they skipped over pretty much everything that contextualizes Kaori and the lead’s relationship to one another. And the mystery was set up with the subtlety of a hydrogen bomb. But Yue’s introduction was nice. That’s… about all I can really say about this, if I’m honest.

Voyager: Oh, goddammit, Arifureta

EvilBob: Why, Voyager. Is something wrong?

Voyager: Do I have to answer?

EvilBob: If I said yes-

Voyager: Get bent.

EvilBob: How rude! And here I was showing some concern for a friend who looked to be troubled!

Voyager: I’ll show you trouble if you don’t bugger off.

EvilBob: Aw. Can I assume it’s so bad that I win this one?

Voyager: They had to skip the opening and all the context it gives to the characters. They just had to jump straight to all the angst.

EvilBob: That’s a yes, then.

Okaasan Online

EvilBob: I guess I’ll put him out of his misery, then, and-

Voyager: Yeah, not quite, tubby.

EvilBob: See, now, I don’t go making fun of how you look, good sir. Do you hear me going around, calling you toothpick? Or scarecrow? Or stringbean? Or stick-boy? Or-

Voyager: YES.

EvilBob: Oh. Oh yeah! Ah, good times. Gooood times.


EvilBob: Oh, and there was that one time I called you Grumpy!

Voyager: …Cat. You called me Grumpy Cat.

EvilBob: Right, right.

Voyager: Right. Anyway, Arifureta, for all its faults, is still managing to just competently put together a narrative. It’s not one that’s developed the greatest overall sense of investment, but it has taken steps towards establishment and development of characters, even if the characters, themselves, aren’t that great. Kaori’s determination to get strong so she can save Nagumo and, failing that, prevent it from happening again. The connection Nagumo feels with Yue (even if it does feel incredibly forced without the introduction). They’re all steps that, while not elevating the show to anything beyond subpar, are decently handled enough as to hold up well in a vacuum.

EvilBob: Well, that’s nice and all, but… uh…

Voyager: *blink*

EvilBob: D-did it have… err…

Voyager: Jiiiiiiiiii…

EvilBob: Don’t you stare at me with that tone!

Voyager: Okay. Can I just take home this win, now?

EvilBob: I… you… that’s…

Voyager: Incoherent babbling equals yes, I assume. Sweet.


Voyager: Hm… so the action in this episode-

EvilBob: Was kinda lame, no?

Voyager: Hah?

EvilBob: Yeah. Not nearly as dynamic as that last episode. Basically just a lot of flat shooting in straight lines. No really impressive lighting effects or camerawork.

Voyager: But… we could see more of the episode, now!

EvilBob: Yeah! And it mostly just helped me realize that this thing’s visual style is reeeally lacking. At least in comparison to Okaasan Online. I mean, let’s get real, here. That style is really fun to look at.

Voyager: That’s… well, yeah, but…

EvilBob: So… do I win?

Voyager: …you’re insufferable.

Okaasan Online


EvilBob: Wait, does this mean? Aha! I won one! I finally won one! Hahaha! Take that!

Voyager: Will ya quit jumping up and down? The Richter Scale isn’t ready for you, yet.

EvilBob: …you know, if I had feelings, they’d be hurt.

Voyager: Oh, no worries. They’ll hurt again, soon enough.

EvilBob: That a threat?

Voyager: A promise. Anyway, what say you, internet? Should Arifureta have probably taken this one? Or did Okaasan Online rightfully display its dominance, this week? Let us know, down below.

EvilBob: Thanks for letting us waste your time, people.

Voyager: And thanks, as always, for reading. Keep up the Awesome!

EvilBob: And keep it Classy.

Voyager: Take Care.

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