Soul Eater | Episode 3 Mini-Review | Soul Eater Summer

Round 3. Perfectly balanced storytelling? Maybe not. But fun.

Quick Thoughts

Soul Eater

If these first three episodes didn’t teach you that nothing is as it seems in this world, then nothing will.

Favorite Screen Grab

Soul Eater

It comes right the hell outta nowhere. In no way would that have been expected, based on her behavior, up to that point.

Favorite Line

Soul Eater

It’s just such a weird thing to say. And yet, somehow, in this world especially, I’m almost inclined to believe her. Especially with the confidence with which she says it.

MVP: The Thompson Sisters

Soul Eater

Won’t lie. It’s 99.99% because of that sweet action sequence in the middle, with the two of them swapping places as the weapon repeatedly to deal with the mummies. It was cool. And they’re generally more my speed on humor than the introduction to Kid was, even if he did grow on me later. Patty, in particular, is an archetype I love and don’t see often enough – a ditz, prone to saying really airheaded things but also possessing a darker side.


And that’s that, folks. What do you think of Kid and his partners? I can definitely see them needing time to grow on people. But I think they’re a fun trio, given the time and development. Let me know, down below. Catch ya next time! Keep up the Awesome!

Take Care,

Soul Eater Summer

Episode 1
Episode 2

Soul Eater

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