Our Favorite Openings of the Winter 2019 Anime Season!

Rila and Riley have already talked about their favorite Openings of the Spring 2019 season. But they never did get around to talking about Winter, did they? Well, Stay Toon’d!

YouTube’s nonsense throttled this video for something like two weeks. And it was violently irritating, as my own little rant on the subject no doubt made clear. I’ll probably make a much longer post at some point, addressing all of the problems with YouTube’s broken system. Because that rant really only covered a microcosm of the issue. In the meantime, we’ve taken other measures to see to it that you guys still get to experience this episode. Damned if I’m gonna let all that work go to waste. I even used the very first edit, which has more of the music in it, just to spite the system. Yes. I am tremendously petty. Hope you like it!

Rila – Mocha Vampire

Riley – AxusX
also on AstroPill

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