Fool! Welcome to Soul Eater Summer!

All right. It’s high time we kicked off this little event of ours. It’s time for a whole summer of Soul Eating. Hope you’re hungry.

Before we begin our little foray into the mind of Atsushi Ohkubo (after all, we’ll have no shortage of that, this Summer), let’s first break down how we’re going to do this. As I’ve stated, these are mini-reviews. I don’t exactly have the luxury of the time it’d take to formulate full episode breakdowns in vivid detail with my thoughts on every action and development in a show I’ve already seen. I have books to write and videos to edit. This format is going to be sort of a combination of the one-line reviews I did a while back and the award system of Weekly Anime Redux. Here’s how that’ll works.

First we’ll get my Quick Thoughts on the episode out of the way. Basically, one or two, maybe three lines, summarizing my opinion of the episode. Almost like a bullet list of the things in each episode that stand out to me.

Next I’ll throw in my Favorite Screen Grab from the episode. What is my absolute favorite shot/frame from the entire episode? Soul Eater certainly has a wealth to choose from.

Following that is my Favorite Line of the episode. Be it poignant (not really Ohkubo’s thing) or bizarre and surprisingly meaningful (muuuch more of this, likely).

Finally, I’ll name the episode’s MVP. Basically, this is the character that carries the episode, more or less entirely (or, at least, mostly) on their back. It’s the character who essentially made the most meaningful contribution to the episode, in my eyes. Usually accompanied by a quick blurb as to why.

And that’s basically it! That’s how we’ll be handling the Soul Eater Summer through 50+ episodes, all starting tomorrow! Here’s hoping you guys have fun with it! I certainly will. In the meantime, thanks for reading, as always, everyone! Keep up the Awesome!

Take Care,

8 thoughts on “Fool! Welcome to Soul Eater Summer!

    1. theevilbob

      Who? I’m sorry theres apart of my memory that seems to be blank. I’ve watched Soul Eater alot and I don’t recall Excalibur being in it.

      1. terranceacrow

        See, that’s your brain trying to protect you. Either that, or you’re messing with me and forcing me to remember to answer!

        Excalibur was the sword. It ran around calling everyone Fool!

        And it sang horrible songs.

        Horrible, horrible songs.

        And its stories…

        Even the fairies were dismayed.

        Did I mention the horrible songs?

      2. theevilbob

        I think you’re right… It must’ve traumatized me so much that I repressed the very memory of the event.

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