Time For A Transformation! | The Official Site Revamp | Galvanic Post

Things are about to get… different. So let’s talk about it!

Ooooh, this is gonna be lengthy. A’right. Here we go.

What’s New?

Everything! Kidding. Sorta. We’ve been talking this up for a while, now. But the revamp is finally upon us! So let’s review! First and foremost, we’d like to remind everyone that this is a transitional period for the site. What changes we do have aren’t going to drop all at once. That’d be jarring and, frankly, more work in one sitting than we can really deal with, at the moment, given our other projects (more on those, later). We’re working on a lot, here, but we’re pacing ourselves for once. Taking things slow.

The artwork we’ve been waiting for has officially arrived. Most of it, anyway. The bits we’re still waiting for aren’t instrumental, so we’re moving forward without those and will be running those minor updates as we get them. But you’ll no doubt have noticed the new banner for the site! This one features the Bulletoon Twins exclusively. The old banner was cluttered with characters from other projects that you may or may not see in the not-too-distant future. But we wanted to de-clutter the header and drive the focus more towards the twins, since they’re our main thing on the site, currently. It just made the most sense to go for something like this.

We also upgraded some things on the technical side that I won’t bore you with the details of. They’re mostly quality-of-life changes for our own sake that make things a lot easier on us. BUT we have made some noticeable tweaks. Updating the top menu, for one. But we’ll talk about that in a bit. We also obviously activated our site ads, though we’ll be turning those off, pending the success of our Patreon. The big one, though, is Bulletoon.

They’re Baaack. I’ve said it before. The show isn’t getting a wholesale makeover. But we are overhauling the format and going through with a slight rebranding. As I’ve explained, the “news” format of the show just isn’t the most intuitive thing in the world. Aside from it being incredibly hard to make a scripted news show in a timely manner, it’s also just a chore to deal with on some level because of all the cross-information the show brings in, due to its broad net. So the show is narrowing its focus, quite a bit. There’ll still be pieces on videogames, comics, movies, and such (there’s still an E3 episode, coming up). But the primary focus of the show is shifting over to anime, from here on.

I did previously explain that the show’s original format isn’t going anywhere. It’s just no longer going to be at the forefront of things. Instead, the show will take more of a conversational approach, featuring subjects that spring to mind when thinking about the latest anime, manga, comics, movies, games, whatever. The show has officially returned from its hiatus with its first official episodes set for next weekend! Stay Toon’d! It’s gonna be awesome. We… promise.

In accordance with this, we’re also going to start taking video suggestions! That’s right, YOU can make suggestions on topics and such you’d like to see us cover! But wait, that isn’t limited to Bulletoon Editorials! It also extends to other stuff around the site! Movie you want us to review? Anime you want us to cover in some capacity? Game (on PS4) you want us to stream? Let us know by Contacting Us or leaving a comment on anything relevant! Plus, another surprise we’ll get to in a second.

Speaking of Streams, we’re officially opening up our Twitch, again! Sort of. For the time being, I’ll be personally holding streams for 1 – 2hrs from 8pm EST on Friday and Saturday, starting sometime in late June. As you can probably expect, I’ll mostly be playing a bit of Overwatch and some single-player games like Spider-Man. But I’ll likely be using the streams to give quick thoughts on the anime I’ve watched, throughout the week, as well as some other stuff. Whatever random stuff pops to mind, I guess. They’re going to be very impromptu streams until I get more set up on a technical level. And I wouldn’t exactly call it a regular thing. But that’s when you can expect me to be streaming, in the event that I can. It’s not our top priority, but it should be fun.

Now, let’s talk about Patreon, because that’s a pretty big deal for us, at the moment. We just got through with an overhaul to our Patreon Page. We updated the introduction video, for one. So now everything’s more current. We also changed the tiers, added some goals, the works. $10 Patrons (dubbed Gigawatts), for example, gain access to a special Suggestion Box Discord Channel and Suggestion Box posts on the Patreon Page, itself!

Ooh, wait. Did I just say Discord? I did! That’s right! It’s ready! At long last! Our Discord Server! Bear with us a bit while we get things in order, assigning proper roles and whatnot. But the server is live and ready for people! You can access it HERE. Be sure to read the rules and say hello! Looking forward to meeting you guys! And, back on the subject of Patreon, there are actually two special Discord rewards for patrons! First, there’s the aforementioned Suggestion Box for $10-and-up tiered “Gigawatts.” Provided a topic isn’t blacklisted (we’ll let you know if it is when it’s your turn so you can change your suggestion), we’ll jump right at suggestions from patrons of that tier who submit a suggestion in that box! It’ll be on a “First Come, First Served” basis unless we need more time to tackle a specific request, for any reason. In which case we’ll inform the requester and keep them updated on progress. Due to the time these things take, the standard will be that one patron-sponsored piece occurs a month, provided that there are any still on the short list. We’ll go into further detail on the Patreon Page, itself. But we look forward to any suggestions you may have!

Then there’s the $15-and-up patrons, who gain access to that, plus a special Meeting Room that houses creator chats, which are essentially Q&A sessions and/or updates on active projects, as well as the occasional interview with fellow creators! Be they writers, artists, fellow bloggers, whatever, we’d love to pick the brains of some of our favorite people online. Some sessions will get uploaded to YouTube. But these special patrons can actually participate and ask questions of their own! Exciting stuff!

But perhaps more exciting for us, personally, is the next topic. Let’s talk… about Burning Sky. A few months ago, we revealed our first major creative project on the site – a Web/Light Novel. We’ve got our final bit of feedback and we’re going to be editing the first volume for full release, soon-ish. With that, we’d like to talk more about our plans for the series. As I’ve said before, Burning Sky is a massively ambitious endeavor. It’s not just a book or two or three. It’s an ongoing chronicle, if you will. It’s big. Because of that, there are a lot of things to take into account. Expenses for artwork and marketing, platforms through which we’ll be releasing the series, the works. I’d be lying if I said we’d completely worked every detail out in full. We’re still in the planning phase for a lot of that. But we’ve got some ideas we’ll be working with… and keeping to ourselves.

That said, there is one announcement we’re comfortable making, here. Burning Sky vol. 0 will feature a completely and totally free digital release. Yep. The volume we just wrapped up writing – the prologue that starts it all – will release at no cost, digitally. I can’t say the physical copies (when we get around to that) will be the same. But we think of Volume 0 as a sort of extended sample. We’ll deliver more details about the release as they become available to us. It’ll still likely be quite a while before the release happens (our earliest projections are around December, but far more likely it’ll release in the Spring of next year). We’ll be keeping you up-to-date with some minor news surrounding the project. Project notes, maybe some rough conceptual artwork, some teases, stuff like that. We’re working on a Roadmap for the project that we’ll be releasing when we’re ready to make our next major step forward.

Now, here’s where things are gonna get a bit weird. Until we develop more of a rhythm with our workload on the books, the show, and so-on, reviews are going to be getting handled a bit differently. We’re still going to do them, but they’re definitely taking something of a back seat. You’ll no doubt notice this, come the Summer 2019 anime season. While we certainly will be covering a few shows, individual episode reviews are going to be less frequent and saved for episodes that stand out. The Weekly Evil and Weekly Anime Redux formats may or may not appear for at least a season (barring the rewards portion, in the case of WAR, anyway). BUT, one thing we won’t be skimping on, this summer, is Anime TKO! Should the stars properly align, the Summer 2019 anime season will see us once again featuring something like 8 shows. And that means we have enough for a proper clash! Plus, with shows like DanMachi, Fire Force, and Dr. STONE to look forward to, we couldn’t just do nothing, ya know? So that’s how we’re going to handle things. Individual or clustered episode reviews when warranted, then a TKO to round off each third of the season.

As for what we’ll be covering? Well, we haven’t completely locked everything in juuust yet. But we have a pretty clear picture of what you should expect to see. My own list is pretty much secured. I’m picking up DanMachi, Fire Force, Isekai Cheat Magician, and Arifureta (actually, I may review the first volume of the Arifureta light novel, if I have a chance before the anime premieres). As for EvilBob, his list is a bit more undetermined, but he’s so far going with Dr. STONE, Okaasan Online, Maou-sama Retry, and Vinland Saga. We’re also both going to be covering the triumphant return of Takagi-san! Other things making it into our “maybe” list would include A Certain Scientific Accelerator and Granblem, among others. We’ll release a completely sealed list after we’ve had a chance to watch everything and get out some first impressions for the season.

And fret not. There’ll still be a monthly Flash Anime-tion. So what’ll it be, this month? Well, I haven’t really talked about fantasy in a while. So how about we rectify that? Next time on Flash Anime-tion

GATE (Season 1). Haven’t watched it. Know next to nothing about it. Except that I like that character design, so why not? And since I skipped last month, let’s also show you July’s, because why not? So…

Been looking for the chance to talk about this one.

But what’ll be going on the site while we’re doing all of that? Well, we have some things planned. And maybe we can tell you about one such thing. You see, the site’s not going to be seeing a lot of activity outside of episodes of the show, the reviews, and Anime TKO updates (that’s not as much as it sounds like). We noted that and decided to start doing something to make up for that. So we’re going to be kicking off something we’ll just call “Events” for now. Basically just sometimes seasonal, sometimes month-long features on a particular topic. And for the first one? It may be a bit early for Halloween, but…

Get ready for Soul Eater Summer – a whole Summer of daily Soul Eater micro reviews as I rewatch the entire series. Something tells me it’ll… resonate with a lot of you. Eh? Eh? *cough* Anyway, that should be starting alongside the actual Summer 2019 anime season at the front of July, ending sometime in late August.

And that’s all I’ve got for now in terms of content updates. Of course, any number of these things may end up slightly delayed as we get all of this set up (I can already tell you at least one of next week’s Bulletoon’s might be pushed back a bit, given that we forgot about E3 until just this week) but we’ll keep you posted.

Next, let’s talk about some of the housecleaning stuff. First, I’ll quickly point out the updates to the top menu that I brought up, earlier. First, we’ve expanded our Connect! tab (formerly the Galvanic Team tab) to include the remainder of our active social media links. Now it houses everything. YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Pinterest (yes, we have one of those), and the Discord Server! Next, we added a Collabs! section to our Community tab! This is because of the next fun thing! We’re gonna actually be looking to do some collabs, now! We were kinda open to them before? But let’s be real. We’re not sociable. So we never exactly broadcasted such. But that’ll be a thing we look to do in the future. How? I’unno. Pro’lly just poke people on Twitter and elsewhere that we think are cool and ask real nice-like. That’s how that whole human communication thing works, right? No idea what kind of collabs they’ll be. Figure maybe reviews with others on any of the shows we don’t lock down to feature or appear in TKO, this Summer. Next, we’ve obviously redone the Shows tab to make sure the presence of Bulletoon suits the show’s revamp and rebranding. But that’s the only thing that’s changed, there. And last, but not least, we added a Meet the Crew section to the About Us tab! It has our bios in there, so give those a look!

And that’s basically it! So let’s review!

-First, we gave you the official scoop on the new site header and plans for further updated aesthetics!
-We presented you with a Brand New Bulletoon in the form of Bulletoon Weekend!
-If that wasn’t enough, we unveiled our new Suggestion/Request policy, going forward!
-Then we talked about our plans for Twitch Streams, coming up!
-After that, you were walked through our newly overhauled Patreon Page, complete with new tiers and new rewards! (Pls. We are the poor)
-The doors finally opened to our Official Discord Server! Hope to see you there!
-The first big announcement dropped on Burning Sky vol. 0’s release plan and teased our plans for the series!
-Later, a frank statement about the likelihood of less consistent Seasonal Anime coverage, going forward.
-BUT we teased our plans for the Summer 2019 anime season, including the return of Anime TKO and Flash Anime-tion!
-Speaking of Summer, we revealed our first site event, Soul Eater Summer!
-Finally, we detailed all of the new additions to the Top Menu!

I dunno about you, but that looks like a lot and it’s pretty exciting stuff, all things considered. We’re gonna be busy, but what else is new? We don’t know how not to be. Even our “breaks” are populated with work. But we finally got to roll everything out. So here’s hoping you all enjoy it once we really get the ball rolling.

For now, that’s everything. It’ll be fun! Go us! And, with that, I’ll be off! Thanks for reading, as always! Keep up the Awesome!

Take Care,

Overwatch Boop


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