Welcome to Bulletoon Weekend!

Welcome to a new and improved Bulletoon!

Rila: Hihi, everyone!

Riley: ‘Sup, guys?

Rila: Now that you’ve seen the video, let’s get some obvious questions out of the way.

Riley: Starting with “Why are you treating this like it’s your first episode?!” So here’s the long and short of it.

Rila: We’ve obviously been doing this for a while, now. But we recently took a little break.

Riley: We decided we wanted to do something a little different from what we’ve been doing, in the past. But It took a while to set up.

Rila: To anyone who’s been with us for a while, now, thanks for having patience with us! We’re really excited to show you guys what we’ve been working on!

Riley: In the past, we used to pretty much stick to covering stuff that was sort of just Hot Topics and News.

Rila: It was fun! But… well…

Riley: She wants to say it was hell to produce.

Rila: Not sure I’d have worded it like that, but…

Riley: Believe me, you have no idea the stress involved in making sure a weekly news recap gets up and running within a reasonable enough time for the topics to all still be relevant when the episode airs. Especially when the show involves editing.

Rila: We loved doing it. It was totally worthwhile! But it just became a bit much. We started trying to transition away from it a little by shifting the focus to just one or two stories a week and talking about them at length.

Riley: And it was really working out for us! But still… we wanted to try mixing it up a bit.

Rila: It seems we’re kind of allergic to doing things the same way for too long. (heh)

Riley: True that. And there’s also the problem of cross-information. We covered a lot of topics. Comic books, Video Games…

Rila: Anime, Manga…

Riley: TV, movies, you name it. And a lot of that stuff would wind up in the same episode. It made the show seem kinda… scattered. So, as the video suggests, we’re gonna be narrowing down our focus a bit.

Rila: We’ll still talk about movies, video games, and stuff, every now and then. But we’re gonna spend a lot more of our time on anime and manga, from now on.

Riley: It’s easier on us and it fits with the general direction of the site, anyway. So it works out.

Rila: Thank you, SO MUCH, for your support, everyone! And thanks for watching!

Riley: Yeah, it really means a lot. Like always, I’m Riley, bowin’ out.

Rila: I’m Rila, signing off!

Riley: Keep up the Awesome, and-

Riley/Rila: Stay Toon’d!

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Riley – AxusX
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