One Hell of a Fight Scene | Kimetsu no Yaiba | Episode 9 Review

Well. That was basically awesome.

Kimetsu no Yaiba
Studio(s): ufotable
Genre(s): Action, Historical, Demons, Supernatural, Shounen

Kimetsu no Yaiba

I’m gonna be blunt. I have no idea how to cover this in detail. So this is gonna be short. In fact, I can already tell you that the episode was Super Effective. So, knowing that’s the result, let’s see how it got there, shall we?

Basically, the entire episode is a 23-minute fight scene. It’s nothing but elongated Shounen action. But, to be fair, it was of the best kind. It was tense, it showed off Tanjiro’s ability and the threat posed by his enemy. It had humor, some badassery from Nezuko, and OH MY GOD, THAT ANIMATION. Say what you will about Ufotable, they rock their fight choreography and visuals. The only other thing to really say is that the action scene was very creative. Obviously, that comes more down to the manga than the anime (though I’ve not read the manga, so creative license is possible). But in a genre where most of the action scenes ultimately boil down to “hit the other guy, as hard as you can” *coughblackclovercough* it was refreshing to see not just some pretty cool abilities from the villains, but also some pretty cool ways of using those abilities. They’re not original. At least not entirely. But they’re used in a fun and inventive way that makes the action really stand out.

Kimetsu no Yaiba

And there you have it. Probably my shortest review, but there really isn’t much to talk about, here on a narrative level. What’d you think? Enjoy the unadulterated Shounen nonsense that was this episode? Let me know, down below! And be sure to check out EvilBob’s Weekly Evil recaps, for the season. As always, thanks for reading, folks. Keep up the Awesome!

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6 thoughts on “One Hell of a Fight Scene | Kimetsu no Yaiba | Episode 9 Review

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  2. Karandi

    It was an interesting fight though I was kind of enjoying that Demon Slayer wasn’t taking whole episodes to face off against enemies and so this much extended fight kind of made me wonder where we’re going next given we’re still only in the first season. That said, it was a fun episode and it looked fantastic. I love the effects for Tanjiro’s attacks and just everything about the fight looked great.

    1. Chris Voyage

      Yeah. A whole episode being just a big fight – particularly this early – doesn’t exactly leave much room for speculation as to how things are gonna go. But it’s Shonen Jump so I guess part of me expected it. And, if nothing is, ufotable makes these fight scenes look FANTASTIC.

  3. bmcenteecom

    Black Clover could’ve been a legendary series if its fights weren’t animated and choreographed like Sailor Moon.

    MUfotable makes everything better and this week was a legitimately fun spectacle with the arrow force push animations and paper balloon projectiles. I love Yaiba’s creativity in its designs but god I wish it wasn’t a shounen jump series.

  4. theevilbob

    And this is one of the lighter fights. Imagine what the more extreme ones will look like.

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