Evil Abounds | Weekly Evil Volume 5 Recap Spring 2019

How is it that the one calling himself a Human Monster doesn’t seem as bad as most of these other guys? (Voyager: Oh. Good. He seems to have accidentally stumbled across the point)

EvilBob: All right, it’s a new week with more for us to complain about. Let’s get this started.

Ry: From oblivious superheroes to just downright terrible people. This week was a fun one.

EvilBob: Yeah, it’s been a weird one. Let’s just get down to business.


One-Punch Man 2 Episode 5

One-Punch Man 2 Episode 5

EvilBob: Well, Garou is still fighting Metal Bat. That fight is a lot more awesome than I thought it would be.

Ry: Metal Bat has that really crazy ability that makes his attacks faster and hit harder for every bit of damage he’s taken. A fact that seemed to even creep out Garou for a moment.

EvilBob: In fact, this is the first Hero Garou didn’t KO. Metal Bat is one tough hero to take a beating like that and not go down.

Ry: Ahem. Saitama also wasn’t KO’d when he met him.

EvilBob: To be fair, I don’t think he remembers that encounter. It seems he may have either forgotten about it or it was so fast that he doesn’t know what happened. And speaking of Saitama…

One-Punch Man 2 Episode 5

EvilBob: The tournament has finally started.

Ry: Well, one battle did, anyway. Question why are none of the Heroes here… you know… trying to save the city?

EvilBob: I was wanting to know the same thing. Is the whole building soundproof? There are alarms sounding and buildings being wrecked. How do they not know?

Ry: There are no monsters outside the walls.

One-Punch Man 2 Episode 5

EvilBob: And then we get to meet Metal Bat’s sister. Who made Garou and her brother stop fighting each other.

Ry: You know, for a villain, Garou is actually a nice guy. Exhibit A. He has yet to kill anyone. Even though he supposedly hates heroes, he’s let every one of them live..

EvilBob: Exhibit B. He has yet to harm a single person not connected to the Hero Organization except those villains they tried to hire. Oh, and Exhibit C. He likes children. He even defended Metal Bat’s sister from a monster that was gonna attack her.

Ry: In short, there is probably some other motive to his actions besides his so-called hatred to heroes. One more interesting fact is he doesn’t seem to be as fond of the monsters as we have been previously led to believe, even turning down an offer from one of the ones that attacked the city.

EvilBob: He did meet his heroes. He met the monsters so maybe they’re a disappointment to him? He idolized the monsters on TV and had a view of them that isn’t all that realistic. I would be disappointed too. I’d say it’s about as Evil a Villain! (9).

Fruits Basket (2019) Episode 5

Fruits Basket (2019) Episode 5

Ry: Tohru returns to her grandfather’s newly renovated home.

EvilBob: This was an interesting episode in the way it was handled. We got two PoV’s of the events that went down. Also, Tohru’s had a rough life. Just look at how all of her childhood games of Fruits Basket went..

Ry: In the game, everyone gets a fruit name and then, when your fruit is called, you may leave your seat and play the game. However, they never gave her a fruit name, instead calling her a rice ball. Luckily she likes rice balls.

Fruits Basket (2019) Episode 5

EvilBob: Unluckily, rice balls aren’t fruit, so nobody would call it. She would just sit there and watch the other children play and never get to play, herself. I like how that game ties into the events happening to her now.

Ry: Basically, she’s now a rice ball in her mind, with no place to go. And her family, besides her grandpa, are not helping the matter.

EvilBob: Her family seems to either shun her or are annoyed by her for no apparent reason. They even hired a PI to spy on her and make sure she doesn’t do something “unbecoming.”.

Ry: They accuse her of being a live-in girlfriend and even go as far as to imply that the Somas have done bad things to her. Until grandpa slaps one of them and the room goes quiet.

EvilBob: That part might’ve been my favorite scene. He even talked to her about going back to the Soma house so she could spread her wings.

Ry: The reason she went back even though she wanted to stay is because she thought it was selfish and she even begins to say this out loud as Yuki arrives.

Fruits Basket (2019) Episode 5

EvilBob: Yuki even scolded the idiot that accused them of doing bad things to her, saying the guy had not right to call her name.

Ry: Oh yeah, Kyou was there too, though he was upstaged by Yuki. And the three of them walk home together. The End. Overall, I’d say it’s about as Evil as a Super Villain! (10).

Dororo (2019) Episode 17

Dororo (2019) Episode 17

EvilBob: Looks like we’re back to good ol’ demon slaying. But with Dororo absent, things felt a little empty. We didn’t get the humor that we usually have. We had more of the somber dreary feel to the entire episode.

Ry: Hyakkimaru has a little reunion with Dr. Jukai – the man that made his arms and legs – after slaying a demon in front of him.

Dororo (2019) Episode 17

EvilBob: The whole episode was mostly these two getting to talk. Hyakkimaru couldn’t talk, last time they were together, so Dr. Jukai was more than happy to have a conversation with the person he raised.

Ry: Jukai also expressed concern about Hyakkimaru’s amount of killings and the fact he has killed more than just demons. So when he asks for a new leg, the doctor refuses to give him one.

EvilBob: Hyakkimaru takes the whole thing rather well. Considering that he has been betrayed and abandoned by his own family, I thought he would have more of a problem with Jukai deciding not to help him. Instead, it was the opposite. He seemed to understand where Jukai was coming from towards the end of their talk. He even alleviated Jukai’s concerns by telling him about Dororo.

Dororo (2019) Episode 17

Ry: Tahoumaru, the idiot that he is, is actually still hunting demons.

EvilBob: Which makes no sense, seeing as his family made a deal with demons. I think the only reason he’s even fighting them, right now, is to get stronger while looking like a hero to the people. I still don’t get how they think a deal with evil demons is the best thing for their land.

Ry: Anyway, Hyakkimaru is heading to the area where Dororo is and the Idiot brother has been ordered, once again, to kill him and is now heading that direction. With everything that happened in this episode, I’d say this episode is about as Evil a Super Villian! (10).

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind Episode 29

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind Episode 29

EvilBob: The group has a statue that looks like the boss and nothing else. Seriously, these guys can’t seem to catch a break.

Ry: One man down and being hunted by the boss isn’t a good situation. And then they get contacted by a mysterious voice while looking through a police database for the boss’s true identity.

EvilBob: Who could the voice be, I wonder. Anyway, the stranger tells them he’s an ally and that they need something to have a chance at beating the boss.

Ry: What is this something, you may ask? Why it’s the arrow, once again! Yes almost like DIO, it’s back again.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind Episode 29

EvilBob: And here’s where things get weird. We finally get the origins of the arrow as wells as Stands. Brace yourself, this might be the weirdest thing since the Torture Dance.

Ry: Bob, It’s a space arrow, now. Everything is better from space. Like, think about it, Space Bob. I’ll go get the rocket.

EvilBob: Stop that. Stop that right now. Space Bob does sound cool though. (Voyager: No. No it doesn’t.) But that’s not the point. The arrow comes from a meteor that crashed a long time ago.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind Episode 29

EvilBob: And it contained a virus that culls people. If you meet a certain criteria, you get a Stand. Not sure what that criteria is, but it may have something to do with life energy or Hamon.

Ry: That is what it seemed like. Anyway with the team still going, the boss sent two nasty people after them, this time.

EvilBob: Yeah, these guys have already wiped out the dock area that the team arrived in. People are falling apart because of some kind of flesh-eating mold.

Ry: It’s so grossly moldy that if they descend in any way it breaks them apart pretty much instantly.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind Episode 29

EvilBob: I think the new baddies are enjoying it a little much too. I can’t wait to see how they’re gonna wrap this up.

Ry: Well, we did see that rather disturbing backstory.

EvilBob: Overall, it’s an entertaining episode. In fact, I’d say this episode is about as Evil a Super Villian! (10).

Favorite Episode

Magmel of the Sea Blue Episode 5

Magmel of the Sea Blue Episode 5

Ry: Can I just say that I love the fact that the two main characters were basically antagonists in this episode.

EvilBob: Inyou and Zero spent the whole episode bullying a pore shopkeeper and it was hilarious. At first, they were just ripping him off, But they also tried to stop him from going to Magmel.

Ry: Eventually Inyou helped him get there, though.

EvilBob: And then they saved his life. I guess that makes up for all the crap they put him through. Anyway, it’s a silly episode go watch it.


Meddlesome Kitsune Senko-san

EvilBob: Well this is a longer one. JoJo’s recap last week affected us in a major way.

Ry: No JoJo’s = Bob sad.

EvilBob: I wasn’t sad. It’s just that JoJo’s is a lot of fun to talk about. Anyway, that’s all we have for you today. Thanks for letting us waste your time, people. And be sure to check the site weekly to see what else we put up. And Keep It Classy.

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