One-Punch Man 2

The Human Monster Rises | Weekly Evil Volume 2 Recap Spring 2019

This one’s actually one time! At least that’s what I want to say. Due to circumstances out of my control, this article is late… I hope this doesn’t keep happening. That would suck.

EvilBob: Well, it looks like things are just gonna keep getting better. These shows don’t seem to be letting up, so far.

Ry: Indeed. Let’s hope they stay that way for the whole season. So far they’ve been very good.

EvilBob: Even the one we had complaints about improved with its second episode. This season might be one of the best we’ve covered. Anyway, let’s get to the main event, shall we?

Ry: Agreed. And which one is up first?

EvilBob: Looks like it’s Saitama. Let’s do this.

One-Punch Man 2 Episode 2One-Punch Man 2

EvilBob: So the hero association called in a bunch of bad guys to help save the world and all of them, including some heroes, ended up getting offed by one guy. Garou doesn’t play around.

Ry: There was literally a pile of bodies and pieces of bodies. Meanwhile, at Saitama’s, Genos has a little run-in with Speed-o’-Sound Sonic, and a small battle ensues.

EvilBob: By what means was that a “small” battle? They’re blowing “up” parts of the city!

Ry: Well, when we’ve seen giants and other ridiculous things get torn apart, this is small.

One-Punch Man 2

EvilBob: Even with the animation dip, that fight at least looked alright. But the real fun was when Fubuki came to rookie crush Saitama. I know that most heroes don’t know how he actually is, but that part was hilarious.

Ry: Even funnier was the fact that he wiped out her goons with a single swat. After seeing her threats fall on deaf ears, Fubuki actually tries to fight him and beat him into submission.

EvilBob: He wasn’t even fighting her seriously either. Right when it looked like he might, the fight got interrupted by Genos and Sonic’s fight. He then proceeded to knock down Genos and pick up the fight. We even get to see his menacing face.

One-Punch Man 2

Ry: Saitama then allows Sonic to attempt his ultimate attack, only to counter it with “serious side jumps” yes by jumping sideways really fast.

EvilBob: Yeah, that was just silly. Saitama’s moves are always fun to watch. I do wonder if all of his real moves are in the serious series.

Ry: Poor Fubuki. Not only was she beaten in this episode, she also comes to the realization that Saitama has friends in higher places than she does as King drops in to say hi, and now she’s thinking about joining them.

EvilBob: That was pretty amusing too. And when King came by to get his game system back, her reaction was priceless.

Ry: Despite the animation dip this show is still going pretty strong in its other areas. Overall, I’d say this episode is about as Evil as a Villain! (9).

One-Punch Man 2

Fruits Basket (2019) Episode 2Fruits Basket (2019)

EvilBob: This show sure is amusing. I’m not sure what was more enjoyable. Tohru’s freak out or the reactions from the guys.

Ry: Tohru’s freak out, I’d say, is the most amusing. That being said, a freak out is a normal reaction to the crazy stuff going on in this show.

EvilBob: Yeah, it’s kind of funny how fast she seemed to get over it. At least until the guys turned back.

Fruits Basket (2019)

Ry: Apparently, people have seen them in these animal forms before and have had their memories erased to keep it secret.

EvilBob: Are these guys Ninja or something? I doubt random families know how to erase people’s memories at will.

Ry: At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if that was somehow the case. Anyway, there’s no telling what other things may be going on in this show besides the Zodiac thing.

EvilBob: Guess we’ll find out once we finally meet this Akito person that seems to be the head of the family. I’m more curious about if they’ll ever break the curse than anything right now.

Fruits Basket (2019)

Ry: This Akito decided to allow her to keep her memories, for now. But seeing as she keeps accidentally transforming them, that might not last too long.

EvilBob: This show is funny and cute so far. And we got hints of something that may make it little darker, later on. Overall, this episode was about as Evil as a Super Villain! (10).

Dororo (2019) Episode 14
Dororo (2019)

EvilBob: This was an interesting episode. Looks like we’re back on the road, looking for demons to slay. I’m glad Hyakkimaru doesn’t seem out for revenge. Not yet, anyway. I’m wondering how much longer he’s gonna be allowed to travel without his own family trying to kill him again.

Ry: Well, no sign of his family in this episode. What we did get was two strange creatures at the beginning that seem to be haunting some temple ruins.

EvilBob: One of them even attaches itself to Dororo. It only lasts until the lord of the land meets them, but it’s funny.

Dororo (2019)

Ry: So they get invited back to town and start asking questions about the temple and are attacked soon after by a larva? It takes a while but when Hyakkimaru seems to be getting the better of it, something interrupts.

EvilBob: The fight was a bit more complicated than that. Hyakkimaru had trouble fighting the thing because of the silk-like thread it could shoot at him. He got the upper hand eventually but he’s only fighting a baby. The interruption that was mentioned was its mother coming in to save it.

Ry: The mother saves its baby and they leave, back to the lord of the land. The mother can change into a human form and the lord of the land seems to be working with her.

Dororo (2019)

EvilBob: And that’s where it ended. Looks like we have to wait for the next episode to see how this plays out. Overall, this episode was about as Evil as a Super Villian! (10).

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind Episode 27
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind

EvilBob: That was a strange way to end a fight from this series. The boss was basically losing from the start.

Ry: So apparently it takes time for the boss to take over the body, leaving the not-boss trying to buy time for it to happen.

EvilBob: Risotto, was kicking not-boss’s butt for most of the episode without even trying. Until he lost a foot. But he reattached it easily.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind

Ry: So, Risotto’s Stand converts iron in the blood of others and in the environment into metal blades, doing so to a person makes it to where they can’t carry oxygen as easily through their bloodstream.

EvilBob: The funny thing is that his ability ends up being his weakness too. Narancia’s Stand tracks peoples’ breathing based on the oxygen they have in their bloodstreams. Fun fact, only one person in the area has a whole lot of oxygen for Narancia to track.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden WindRy: Yeah, and as an added bonus the blades he missed Risotto with were just intended to attract the attention of Bucciarati’s group who then sent Narancia’s stand to fill him full of holes.

EvilBob: Looks like the boss has the element of surprise on his side again. This ain’t going to go well for Bucciarati’s group. Overall, this episode was about as Evil as a Super Villian! (10).

Favorite Episode

Meddlesome Kitsune Senko-san Episode 2
Meddlesome Kitsune Senko-sanRy: This week’s win for favorite episode goes to that cute fox girl Senko, this show’s just so cute.

EvilBob: Yeah, It’s straight up adorable. Although there are some parts that make me uncomfortable. But there’s not nearly enough of those to make me stop watching it.

Ry: Wonder what’s going to happen with the annoyed neighbor?

EvilBob: She’s gonna get a Kitsune too? I mean that’s where it feels like it’s going.

Ry: Like Voyager said, It’s giving off a lot of Dragon Maid vibes here. I wouldn’t be surprised if we end up seeing a lot of Kitsune.


Fruits Basket (2019)

EvilBob: Well, that was fun.

Ry: Yeah this week’s episodes were pretty good, bro.

EvilBob: I think we covered everything. I suspect our favorite episodes will be diverse as this season goes on.

Ry: Most likely. I think it’s about that time Bob. Close us out already.

EvilBob: Well, that’s all we have for you today. Thanks for letting us waste your time people. Tell us about your favorite episodes in the comment section, below, and Keep It Classy.

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