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Did the #RehireJamesGunn movement really do its job in getting him brought back for Guardians 3 or was something else at work? Also, let’s talk, for a minute, about that One-Punch Man Season 2 PV. Stay Toon’d!

Our Take

There’s remarkably little for me to say on this matter. The Season 2 PV for One-Punch Man looked absolutely abysmal, visually. And when you consider that the previous season was so dynamic and aesthetically striking, that’s a maaajor disappointment. I’m someone who very much likes the actual storytelling of the series and I’m able to see beyond the seemingly one-note joke that actually has a fair bit more to it. So that aspect might make up for the dropped animation quality? But it’s still a massive shame, all things considered.

As for the James Gunn situation, I’m glad he’ll be coming back. There wasn’t really anyone else I could see taking the reins in the next film, considering exactly how much of himself he put into the first two. This Cancel Culture nonsense really, really needs to stop. I’m not really expecting anyone to forgive him (though dwelling on something to obscenely minor an ultimately irrelevant seems more unhealthy for you than harmful to him), but hanging it over his head for the rest of his natural life is just unreasonable. So yes. I’m happy to see it over. Though it does come with a rather unfortunate double standard, as mentioned in the video.

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