The Promised Neverland 

It’s On Fire!|Weekly Evil Volume 10 Recap Winter 2019

This week has been awesome. Lots of shows are ending within the next few episodes and every one of them is trying to go out with a bang. Oh, the TKO finale is gonna be good.

EvilBob: Alright, I’m totally ready for the conclusion of TKO now.

Ry: Eh, you might actually have a discussion, instead of an instant loss.

EvilBob: Why are you assuming that The Promise Neverland is gonna lose to Mob Psycho 100?

Ry: Because the action of Mob Psycho 100 is hard to beat but mark my words The Promise Neverland‘s second season won’t lose.

EvilBob: Whatever, I ain’t giving anything up without a fight. Let’s just get on with the show.

TKO Recap
The Promised Neverland 

The Promised Neverland 

Ry: So suicidal thoughts, house fires, and deliverance, this week it truly was on fire.

EvilBob: And that’s putting it lightly. Holy crap, The Promised Neverlands delivering on all that buildup. This episode hit my happy button way too many times. I’m just so happy it’s delivering what should be a satisfying end for this first arc.

Ry: This one all starts with Ray’s plan to distract mom by setting himself on fire so that he can’t be shipped out.  He does get interrupted, however, by Emma.

EvilBob: Emma’s following Normans final plan one that was written down and given to her for after he got shipped. The whole falling into despair thing was just a ploy to get mom complacent so she wouldn’t see what was about to happen.

The Promised Neverland 

Ry: And Mom never saw it coming, the plan basically has started without a problem and all but the little ones have made it to the wall with Mom now realizing they have made it out, with that being the end of this episode it will be interesting to see what happens will they escape or be severely punished and caught by mom? Only one way to find out.

Non TKO Recaps
Dororo (2019)

Dororo (2019)

EvilBob: Ah, nothing says family reunion like trying to kill a long lost son. I mean it could be a lot worse they could be talking about him behind his back like people do at normal family reunions.

Ry: Doesn’t help Hyakkimaru that a crazy lady is shouting about him as a demon child either talk about the attention he doesn’t need.

EvilBob: We did get some back story on his father though. Apparently, he’s the one that sealed the demons in the first place. I have a question now. Why would you free the things you sealed away yourself?

Ry: He was probably desperate to save his people, and when it looked like the gods he served weren’t going to help he turned to another source of power. That her he’s just power hungry and wanted to keep what power he had. I hope it’s the first it’d make more sense in the long run.

EvilBob: And Tahoumaru pretty much knows what’s going on which has gotten me worried. You see Hyakkimaru has just met his father on the battlefield which means I think he’s gonna kill his father right as Tahoumaru shows up. And from then on the brothers will be fighting at least that’s my theory so far.

Dororo (2019)

Ry: I’m looking forward to seeing how this showdown plays out myself will there be forgiveness or only rage.

EvilBob: Rage is the most likely seeing how this doesn’t seem like a redemption story.

Boogiepop and Others  (2019)

Boogiepop and Others  (2019)

Ry: A King of Distortion a towering beacon against the Towa Organization and a reaper within.

EvilBob: That sounds like a Narnia book. Anyway, we finally know a little of what’s actually going on now. The Moon Temple was constructed for the sole purpose of finding people that could fight the Towa Organization. Apparently, if you can wake up while inside you have powers or something like that.

Ry: So basically it was built to incite a revolt against them. because he knew they were going kill him so this is basically a complicated form of revenge.

EvilBob: And It’s also good to note that the recording of the guy said nothing about The King of Distortions. I’m thinking this means the king isn’t part of the plan but more of a side effect of it. It’s most likely someones powers being awakened much like the Kaiju from before. So the real enemy is hiding among the people somewhere.

Boogiepop and Others  (2019)

Ry: But we shall probably never know at least until the next episode. I want to know what the Towa Organization is going to do about this entire thing. But I suspect that won’t be happening this season.

Grimms Notes The Animation

Grimms Notes The Animation

EvilBob: What the heck happened? This show just went balls to the walls silly out of nowhere. I like it. I do think it should’ve been this way from the beginning though. It’s a crossover story it should’ve been this fun from the start.

Ry: It’s Wonderland and Reina is fangirling hard over Alice, but you know what they say never meet your heroes.

EvilBob: You see this Alice is capturing all of the wonders in Wonderland for the Queen of Hearts. She sees herself as a mature lady because she’s not letting her dreams take president over reality or something like that.

Grimms Notes The Animation

Ry: Yeah Alice tried to arrest The Mad Tea Club led by none other than The Mad Hatter. I think you can imagine how well that went.

EvilBob: To be fair they only got away because of Reina’s fangirling. If it wasn’t for that major distraction Alice would’ve gotten them. Alice also somehow concluded that Reina and friends are a part of the club as well so they also had to give her the slip.

Ry: The gang later interrupts Alice as she is dealing out justice to someone daydreaming about not work-related things yes it was that absurd. She is caught off guard by Reina revealing how she got into Wonderland in the first place.

Grimms Notes The Animation

EvilBob: From there the conversation gets interrupted by the tea club and they kidnap Alice. Alice was shocked because the whole dark past thing at least that’s the gag I think they were going for. Anyway, the gang followers them back to their hideout where they save Alice who leads them back to the castle so they can defeat the Choas Teller.

Ry: They quickly dispatch the Choas Teller and reset the world, only to find out the world has not reset as Alice still retains her memories, The true big bad makes an appearance the Mad Hatter aka The Jabberwock.

EvilBob: And he took Alice for some reason. Too bad the episode ended there I wanted to see more. I guess we’ll just have to wait for the next episode.

Grimms Notes The Animation

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind

Ry: An airplane gets called in on a mini shark and people are bleeding.

EvilBob: That is probably the easiest way to say that. Narancia was forced to fight two enemy Stand users by himself. With his tongue infected by a Stand, he couldn’t really ask the others for help.

Ry: Giorno lets himself get shot to allow himself to be tracked with a shark biting into his neck. it takes a while but Narancia finally starts to land a few hits.

EvilBob: It was a desperate strategy but it worked. Narancia managed to get a few good hits before the enemy could adjust. And he was even able to use the damage he inflicted on the enemy to find them later.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind

Ry: Narancia then proceeds to track the two of them down by the way they are breathing and eventually catches up to them in a crowd when they thought they were safe.

EvilBob: He actually managed to beat these guys with mental warfare. He cut out his own tongue just to get them to freak out. Thankfully, he had a replacement that Giorno left him earlier.

Ry: Then he basically team wipes them in a few seconds one after the other. Makes me wonder what threat they will face next.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind

Is It Evil Ratings

The Promised Neverland 

EvilBob: I think its official mother dearest is gonna get offed.

Ry: Yeah, her farm is in flames her and children are escaping. This does indeed look like it’s the end for her.

EvilBob: All the waiting seems to be worth it. This was only the first half of it the next episode should cap out this season perfectly. Which is why this episode is about as Evil as a Super Villian! (10).

Dororo (2019)

Ry: Impending battle for a father against a son is basically where this one is leading.

EvilBob: Yeah and we already know Hyakkimaru gonna kill him but what his brother gonna do is the real question.

Ry: With this impending smackdown this episode is about as Evil as a Super Villain! (10).

Boogiepop and Others  (2019)

EvilBob: I’m still a bit confused with this one. So this guy made a tower to give people superpowers and it kills others by suffocating them and he’s supposed to be a good guy somehow?

Ry: If the organization is, in fact, the antagonistic force I guess in a way he is, but still it’s a bit odd.

EvilBob: Point is this show’s still weird. And still about as Evil as a Killer Robot Army! (8).

Grimms Notes The Animation

Ry: Happiness turned into despair for poor Reina this time. Seeing her childhood hero being taken before her eyes just as the team believed they had victory.

EvilBob: Yeah, this episode was different and I love it.

Ry: Yeah it was pretty good, I’d say it’s about as Evil as a Villian! (9).

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind

EvilBob: Narancia is kind of a beast. He just wiped out two Stand users like it was nothing he didn’t even get knocked down by them long enough to count.

Ry: Yeah even while taking a few heavy hits he just kept on trucking, hunting his foes down like dogs.

EvilBob: It’s kind of weird how Giorno hasn’t gotten a whole lot of time like past JoJo’s but I like where this is going. This episode was about as Evil as a Super Villian! (10).


The Promised Neverland 

Ry: So this week was definitely a thing for this anime season.

EvilBob: Yeah, next week should be even better with most of these shows concluding. I’m looking forward to the TKO Finale in two weeks.

Ry: At least it will be a great discussion about Mob Phsyco 100 and The Promised Neverland cause they are both really good. I still think Mob will win but The Promise Neverland might surprise us. It’s about that time Bob.

EvilBob: Right. Well, that’s all we have for you today. Thanks for letting us waste your time people. Make sure to check out Voyager’s list. Keep It Classy.

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