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Riley’s been following Fire Force for a while, now, so it’s only natural that she’s interested in the upcoming anime. But what information do we have on it, so far? Stay Toon’d!

Our Take

Teeechnically, this episode was supposed to come out last weekend. Buuut things got a bit hectic and not much has really changed. Regardless, I’ve been following the manga and it’s been way interesting, so far. Though considering certain things we know of it, I’m led to believe this really will be at least a two-cour anime. Even with my not being current, I couldn’t imagine them getting through where I’ve managed to reach in just 12 episodes unless they cut things out. I’m not sure of the likelihood of it eschewing cours, altogether, like a Black Clover or what-have-you. But it should be pretty wild, either way.

I’m not particularly down on Radiant (I’m not caught up on it, but I plan to correct that, soon), but I still don’t think the show was bad. It didn’t make an outstanding first impression, but it probably gets better, over time. Meanwhile, We Never Learn is something on my radar just because the source material sounds kinda funny and cute. I may slot it in for One-Line reviews, next season. But I doubt there’ll be enough to do full reviews. Furthermore, the studios behind it are both newer. Only one of them has done anything before and, evidently, that one project wasn’t exactly a winner. I dunno if either studio just broke off of another one, or anything like that. so I have no way to gauge whether there’s potential there, or not.


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