The Promised Neverland 

The Kids Are All Right! …Kinda! | Weekly Evil Volume 8 Recap Winter 2019

This is gonna be a weird one. JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure: Golden Wind. decided to have another recap episode so we won’t be covering that. And there’s very little we can say about Boogiepop so that’ll be short… so, um… this is awkward.

EvilBob: Yeah, if you think about it, there’s not much point in recapping a recap.

Ry: I thought you liked recaps. So why not make recap about a recap?

EvilBob: Because that would be redundant. And that’s bad.

Ry: Ok, whatever. Let’s get the show on the road.

EvilBob: What’re you doing?

Ry: What? Trying to get this going already.

EvilBob: You can’t do that.

Ry: Why not? We’re running out of time for the review.

EvilBob: But It’s my turn to close this part out.

Ry: …Well, are doing it or not?

EvilBob: Right. Okay, people, let’s get on with the show.

TKO Recap
The Promised Neverland 

The Promised Neverland Ry: Emma will be out of commission for two months and a new obstacle presents itself.

EvilBob: I’m just glad to see that, after the blow they took in the last episode, they’re still fighting to escape. Things seemed a little more hopeless.

Ry: Yeah, but it doesn’t look too good for them on this one either, especially after the discovery of the cliff beyond the wall that seems impassable. It looks like Norman’s getting shipped, after all.

EvilBob: That broke him too. He just doesn’t seem himself anymore. And just look at those eyes. Those are the eyes of someone who’s died inside.,

The Promised Neverland 

Ry: Yeah, it doesn’t look good for the kids at all but I do wonder what’s in the package Sister Krone left for them. We do know one thing. Whatever it is didn’t convince Norman they could pull off an escape. I hope they can save him before it’s too late.

Non TKO Recaps
Dororo (2019)

Dororo (2019)

EvilBob: Dororo is sick and it’s up to Hyakkimaru to save her through the power of communication.

Ry: Hyakkimaru does so with only three words “Dororo, body, hot…” Luckily someone understood what he was trying to say.

EvilBob: Too bad they weren’t able to help so Hyakkimaru waited until a nice nun showed up to help. And then we got Dororo’s backstory, including what happened to her parents.

Dororo (2019)

Ry: Dororo’s father was a rogue samurai who led farmers. They only attacked other samurai and were kind of like bandits.

EvilBob: But when you live by the sword, you die by it. Dororo’s father had one fatal flaw. Trusting his underlings enough where it got him defeated and badly injured, leading to his eventual death at the hands of a group samurai.

Ry: But he made them pay for that victory, taking a whole group of them out even despite being injured.

EvilBob: And then Dororo’s mom dies almost right after that. It’s pretty sad. And then we got the big reveal of Dororo being… a girl! Gee… what a twist. Dororo’s reaction to it was funny though.

Dororo (2019)

Ry: Hyakkimaru, however, doesn’t react at all and just keeps walking away. I have a feeling he might have known all along.

EvilBob: Anyway, it was a pretty straightforward episode with no demons involved. There’s not much else we can say about it.

Boogiepop and Others  (2019)

Boogiepop and Others  (2019)

Ry: Pleasant dreams or something more sinister. Who even knows anymore, with this show?

EvilBob: Not me. That’s for sure. So let’s go over what we did find out. The Distortion King seems to think that escaping reality through dreaming is a good thing and that the real world is a nightmare.

Ry: Yeah, I’m wondering just how long term this was supposed to be. With all those people not getting food and water wouldn’t their bodies just die at some point?

EvilBob: Also, why is he doing all of this? If he was truly malicious he could just kill all of these people while they sleep. And if he’s trying to help them why trap them in the first place? Also, why did he leave them a way out? Sure, finding your own body asleep is creepy, but that seemed awfully nice of him to let that happen.

Boogiepop and Others  (2019)

Ry: So what’s the first thing you do when you find your sleeping body? You stomp yourself in the face. And that works, apparently. How or when is Boogiepop going to interrupt this Distortion King’s reign? We will have to find out on the next episode… hopefully.

Grimms Notes The Animation

Grimms Notes The Animation

EvilBob: It’s about time we see a story out of The Arabian Nights which is made even better by it being the story of Aladdin.

Ry: Reina pretty much passes out, right at the beginning, because of lack of water. She’s saved by Aladdin who gives her some water and makes off with her book. You know. The one that lets her reset story zones.

EvilBob: So, once again, Reina is the one that starts the new side quest. At least this time it wasn’t food. And she caught Aladdin saying some things that made her respond with a slap to his face.

Ry: Apparently he likes pain, even calling the slap to his face beautiful and essentially telling her that he was going to marry her.

EvilBob: And then things got dark, fast. The story zone started to collapse, forcing the team to rush to the capital to get the magic lamp back. Unfortunate, Aladdin dies on the way there, protecting Reina after the desert night took its toll on her.

Ry: Not all hope is lost as the party realizes that they can revive Aladdin if they can get the lamp that the Sultan currently has. They push onward to the palace only to run into Loki after he gives them a talk. They’re transported to the Sultan for the showdown.

EvilBob: And they easily beat the Sultan, retrieving the lamp. But it’s somehow broken because the Sultan abused its power… Did the writer not know how genies work? I’m pretty sure they could’ve gone the Disney route and made it where the genie couldn’t just bring him back. It would’ve made a lot more sense than the lamp getting broken by overuse.

Grimms Notes The Animation

Ry: Anyway, they did the turning and Aladdin gets replaced by a new main character leaving his grave still out in the desert.

EvilBob: It was an interesting take on the classic.

Is It Evil Ratings

The Promised Neverland

Ry: Well this episode got dark fast, building up the pressure from previous episodes. I don’t think it’s ever going to slow down. I hope all the build-up gets a big, nice payoff.

EvilBob: Yeah, and it better be the most awesome, perfect end of an arc we’ve ever seen or it’s probably gonna lose the TKO.

Ry: With all that said, I hope it continues to do this well. I would say this episode is about as Evil as a Super Villian! (10).

Dororo (2019)

EvilBob: Omg! Dororo is a girl? Oh, and her backstory is messed up.

Ry: I liked seeing what happened to her parents. It was one of the nagging questions I had from the beginning. And her father is a boss. I mean, just look at how he wiped out all those guys.

EvilBob: I mean, that’s true. I do have to take the time to point out that this show has done flashbacks pretty well so far and this was no exception. And that is one of the many reasons that this episode is about as Evil as a Super Villain! (10).

Boogiepop and Others  (2019)

Ry: Now maybe I’m missing some cultural thing, but Boogiepop is just strange.

EvilBob: I think it’s supposed to be. I mean it could be a lot less enjoyable and even harder to follow. We’ve seen shows like this before but this one is a lot more enjoyable than those. Also, it’s a lot of fun to try and guess at what’s going on.

Ry: Yeah, could be a lot worse. I would say this episode is about as Evil as a Killer Robot Army! (8).

Grimms Notes The Animation

EvilBob: It’s The story of Aladdin but he’s dead and the world is ending.

Ry: Yeah a bit darker than most iterations of it but still pretty good. At least his sacrifice meant something.

EvilBob: They did save the world. Also evil stormtroopers incoming. Overall, this episode was about as Evil a Villian! (9).


Boogiepop and Others  (2019)

Ry: So that was a thing. I really missed JoJo’s, this week.

EvilBob: Yeah. If it wasn’t a recap, we would’ve covered it too. It’s strange it’s only been, what, six episodes since the last one?

Ry: I guess they’re just buying time for the next one. Overall, though, this season hasn’t been bad.

EvilBob: They did just complete an arc. It kind of makes sense that they’re taking a break before the next one. Anyway isn’t it about time to wrap this up?

Ry: Sure. Well, that’s all we have for you for now.

EvilBob: Thanks for letting us waste your time people. Make sure to check out the results of the TKO Semi-Finals when you get the chance. Keep It Classy.

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