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Superheroes got a lot of attention at the latest Academy Awards! But was it well deserved? Stay Toon’d!

Our Take

Generally speaking, I’m not one for sensationalism. I find it exhausting. Something’s either “the best thing ever” or “the worst thing ever” with no room for middle ground. We all know my thoughts on Black Panther, by now. It’s a great movie. Especially in the context of being a superhero flick. Do I think it deserved to win Best Picture? No. And, thankfully, it didn’t. If it had, it’d have felt like a diversity handout and, speaking as someone of its targeted minority, that would’ve done more harm than good.

The exact same goes for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. I think it winning Best Animated Feature was probably warranted? I dunno. I’d have to think back over all the animated movies of the year. If nothing else, it was definitely the best in terms of visual style. No contest. I do think the movie was wildly overhyped, though. I went. I saw it. It was awesome. But best movie of the year? Best ever Spider-Man adaptation? Things like that just bug me.

The new Detective Pikachu trailer was cute. But I am way more excited, honestly, about the prospect of a Gremlins animated series. And we all know Pokemon is my favorite media franchise. Ever. Then, of course, there’s the hate-storm around Captain Marvel. So there’s that. I dunno. More of that rapid sensationalism, just in the opposite direction. Far be it for me to tell people they’re wrong, but… this does not seem like a hill worth dying on. Let people enjoy things. I’m not all that hyped about the movie, myself, but that’s just because the trailers didn’t do anything for me. I love the character and I’m looking forward to seeing it… when I can finally manage the time.


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