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Riley’s out sick, but big sis has her covered. So now it’s her turn to talk about the hotly anticipated Shonen Jump brawler from Bandai, Jump Force! Stay Toon’d!

Our Take: Not much to say about Jump Force, honestly, since we haven’t personally played the beta and relied on information we got from perusing the interwebs and talking to friends who have (and even then, said friend played one of the eeearly betas. But from everything we’ve seen so far, it could be a really fun game! I’m personally very interested in the character creator and the concept of making a weird Franken-character with a bunch of different abilities from across different franchises I love. The thing I’m not overly looking forward to is what’s likely to be a mountain of DLC for new characters. I’d personally love to see a bunch more characters added, like Medaka and Bakugo. And if they don’t come up before the game fully released, we can probably expect a deluge of DLC packs. It wouldn’t be too bad, provided they actually make sure the packs are actually work the asking price. But so far Nintendo remains pretty much the only company I trust to get that right.

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Character Creator Screenshots
Jump Force story trailer breakdown
Jump Force roster so far

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