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All right. Time to take on another one of these. This time along with a bottle of rum. Thanks to Winter Reverie for the tag! So let’s jump into it, shall we?

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  • Set Sail and Rule the Seas!

The Warrior – Kurokami, Medaka

I mean, the girl can do virtually anything and, realistically, could probably fill just about every spot on this list. But the absolute best use of her would be that of the Warrior. No doubt about it, she can throw down with the best of ’em. It’s a bit of an unconventional pick, but I didn’t wanna go with anything too obvious or likely to be frequently picked, like Goku or Saitama, or whatever. So Medaka’s a pretty good choice. Also, destructive as she is, there’s at least a somewhat lower chance she’ll accidentally sink the entire ship like either of the aforementioned dudes. So there’s that.

The Sniper – Togo, Mimori

Time for the obligatory Yuki Yuna wa Yusha de Aru plug. And, in this case, we’re going with Togo! Some people take issue with her, but I think she’s a great character and, if nothing else, she’s a heck of a sniper. As well as a general marksman. Also, the raw power of her abilities would be a boon to any crew. (Runner-Up to Yoko Litner, who loses out by not having superpowers or a sniper-themed mech. Also, Chaika was close, as well).

The Chef – Nyanta

On from one obligatory character to another, this time on to Log Horizon and the head chef, Nyanta. On top of being a good chef, he’s also a coolheaded badass that I think anyone would want on their side in a fight. So, you know. Versatility. Aside from being the guy who made sure the food actually had taste (and good taste, at that, making him a godsend), he’d also bring a level of maturity and wisdom to the group to help bring everyone back down to Earth, every now and then, seeing as the crew’s full of so many extreme personalities. Also, he’s a cat person. Automatic best choice.

Doctor – Franken Stein

Was… was there even a question, here? Dude can not only heal you from just about anything, but he’s also obscenely powerful and skilled in a fight. Definitely a good one to have on your side. Provided he manages to stay sane… and keeps his urges to “experiment” in check. What could possibly go wrong?

The Entertainer – Atsuko, Kagari “Akko”

Yep. The determinator magical girl of Little Witch Academia“Wait, what? But she’s a screw-up!” Perhaps, but post character development, she’s a screw up-up who learns from her mistakes. I’d rather have someone on my side who’s failed multiple times than someone who’s never failed at all. Oh. And she basically helped save the world. That being said, all Akko wants to do is captivate people with her magic in exactly the same way her idol did. And she accomplishes that even without her own magic at several points in the story. With her arc complete and her magic steadily growing stronger, she could potentially be not only great for entertainment, but also possibly good at fending for herself. Magic is also a pretty handy problem-solving tool, so yeah.

The Scientist/The Mechanic – Hatsume, Mei

I’m just gonna lump these together as they’re functionally close enough to the same thing. C’mon. She might be eccentric, but Mei from Boku no Hero Academia definitely knows what she’s doing. Plus, you want someone who’s that enthusiastic about what they’re doing. Especially if they’re responsible for your gear and ship upkeep. And heaven knows she’d do something to make the ship some sort of technological abomination that scares everyone else out of the sea. I almost gave Winry from FMA this slot, but Mei’s talents are comparably superhuman (yes, her power is telescopic vision, but if you try to tell me there’s nothing abnormal about her intellect, I will fight you). Hard to pass up.

The Navigator – Shera L. Greenwood

“But Voyager, Shera’s not a navigator! And she’s an idiot!” Well, yes and no. Shera’s naive, but she’s not a total moron. She’s proven to have the capacity to learn. The sight sharing ability she acquires, late into the first season, would be invaluable as a navigator, likely even better than Mei’s Zoom-In. Plus, she’s a damn good shot with that bow, and can easily help Togo support our frontliners. Also, the girl is absolutely precious and we don’t deserve her. I came rather close to putting Leonard Watch in this spot. But I couldn’t honestly bring myself to, as the boy just doesn’t fight back. And that’s a bad quality for a pirate, no matter how useful his abilities would be.

The Strategist – Inumuta, Hoka

Now. I ordinarily would put Shiroe from Log Horizon here. But I’ve already included one LH character, so I’ll be fair and give someone else a chance to shine. And with that being said, there are plenty of characters to choose from. But I’d ultimately wind up going with Hoka from Kill la Kill. I mean, Goku Uniform or not, Satsuki recognized his abilities and strategy is his thing. Particularly where it concerns the long game. I’d have maybe liked him to get a little more screentime (he was definitely the least utilized member of the four in the series), but he made an impression when he was there, dismantling enemy strategems with ease at a mere glance.

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