So How “Ultimate” Is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? | Bulletoon Mini

Is Smash Ultimate everything it’s cracked up to be? Well, the short answer is “Yes.” Now let Riley gush for a bit about why.

Our Take: I don’t exactly have the same “near perfect” opinion of the game as my peers. But I do very much love the product we’ve got and I’m looking forward to whatever improvements are on the way in the future. I’m genuinely excited for the DLC characters and I can see myself playing through the Adventure Mode a few more times. It’s been a blast so far. If I had more people to play with, the online would probably matter more to me than it does. But I don’t. So most of my experience with this franchise has been solo. But I do feel for those who want a more robust online experience. Here’s hoping they add some features to make it more fun.

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