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Wait, so Kaiju can be good too? Well, this makes things interesting. How Evil is SSSS.Gridman episode 6?

Studio: Trigger
Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, Mecha

So, uh… why the heck does an alien need a lonely girl to make monsters? And what happens if she loses the loneliness she currently has? Does his evil plan end right there, or is she forever trapped under his control? There’re so many things I want to know now. It’s one of those things where we got some answers, but now there are even more questions.

Anyway, Akane’s figured out who Gridman is. Well, she’s figured it out enough to start sending Anti to kill Yuta. I’m not convinced she knows all of the details yet but, she knows enough to be dangerous. Anti had a little bit of an adventure, himself, this time. In his quest to kill Gridman, Anti ran into Rikka, who let loose her team mom on him. She fed and bathed him.


Rikka’s a really nice person. I’m thinking she’s gonna convert Anti at some point in the future. He’s treated like garbage by Akane, so I think him switching sides is a thing that could happen. And then add onto that the conversation Akane and Shou had about Kaiju. Of course, I still haven’t said anything about what Yuta was doing. Yuta met a friendly Kaiju girl that has no connection to Akane.

I’m not sure exactly what she means to the overall scheme of things, just yet, but she did act as a means to let Yuta know what is going on with Akane. So now both sides know who their enemy is. I wonder how The Gridman Alliance is going to handle this situation. Now that they know Akane is just a puppet, I assume they’re going after the puppet master. Oh. Before I forget to mention it, Yuta was on a “date” with the Kaiju girl.


That’s what she called it at least. Does it count as a date when you get told about an evil plot? That should be a mood killer, right? And then there’s the fight scene! It was interesting that we didn’t get a battle of two giant creatures, this time. The fight happened on the human-sized level.  We did learn that Kaiju (or, at least, Anti), even when human-sized, have powers and weapons.

Also, I’m pretty sure The Neon Genesis Junior High Students aren’t human. Both Calibur and Max fought Anti and he couldn’t do anything against them while in human form. Yuta would’ve easily died though. He’s lucky that Max was watching him ever since that date he went on. It did take two swords for Calibur to stop one of Anti’s attacks.


Overall, I’d say this episode is about as Evil as a Villian (9). With both sides aware of what’s going on it’s only a matter of time for the big bad to reveal himself. If you have time check out Voyager’s new retrospective article. Well, that’s all I have for you today. Thanks for letting me waste your time, people.

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