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So. It looks like Riley might have a new girl crush, thanks to BlizzCon 2018. Also, who else saw that awesome music video League of Legends put out for the K/DA Skins? Stay Toon’d!

Our Take: As was stated, I’m not particularly big on Blizzard games that aren’t Overwatch. This isn’t to say they’re not good, of course. I just haven’t really been afforded the opportunity to play any of them, aside from really small amounts of WoW. That being said, I can totally get the outrage that a lot of the hardcore fans are feeling, especially around Diablo Immortal. I’m personally satisfied with what we got from Overwatch, this year, purely because I know how much they’ve been working on and understand that these things come with dev time. I would, of course, love new events, game modes, etc. But I’ll remain patient about it. Better they give us something good than giving us something fast.

The K/DA video is just awesome. Prior to this, I was always curious about League of Legends. It largely comes from my having played a lot of Smite, for a while. But I didn’t really have access to the game for a while. Or, rather, I didn’t think I did. I just kind of assume I don’t have the ability to play most computer games because my main computer, at the moment, is still a Mac. And while I intend to correct this (hopefully sooner, rather than later), the video brought League back into my immediate attention enough that I got curious and decided to check. Sure enough, the game’s Mac-supported. Though this seems to be a feature in beta. Still, I went ahead and got it and have been enjoying it. So I guess I have this video to thank for that, definitely.

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K/DA Music Video

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