The Tale of Two Reinhardts | Overwatch Analysis

Riley decides to take a look at some footage from a game her pal played, not long ago. Just goes to show how crucial the Main Tank role is.

There were plenty of other things to note about the gameplay featured here. The usage of Zarya bubbles was abysmal, though I hardly ever play her anyway. She’s easily my worst tank. That said, it’s best to use bubbles once a fight breaks out, not before. Use bubbles when an ally is taking or clearly about to take damage. You’ll gain charge faster. Also, aim grav at tanks or ultimates like Genji’s Dragon Blade.

Also: This game didn’t feature comms at all. Part of this is because I was playing with a 5-stack that decided not to join team chat. Another part of it was that, at the time, there was a weird bug going around, shortly after the Summer Games event went live, that affected the volume of the voice channels. People, use mics. Communicate. At the very least, get in team chat. If you don’t want to do that, then don’t play comp. Odds are, you will not climb.

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