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Akanesasu Shoujo Episode 4 Recap | Is It Evil?

Would this count as a journey to the west? How Evil is Akanesasu Shoujo’s fourth episode?

Akanesasu Shoujo
Studio: Dandelion Animation Studio, Jūmonji
Genre: Action, School, Sci-Fi

So, it seems like we’re going to get two episode increments for each girl. I take it each of them are going to get powers during their own separate arcs, that leaves maybe two episodes for the finale. That doesn’t leave much room for an epic final battle unless they’re planning on a second season. Either way, I’m liking the pacing of this show so far. I just hope they give themselves enough time for a proper ending. If it actually ends, this season.

This episode stars Mia Silverstone. I bet you can’t guess which one she is. We spend some time with her watching an old western movie. Which was a major bit of foreshadowing considering what happens later on. After that Asuka catches her Twilit version stealing from her family. Is it really stealing when they’re the same person? After that, all the girls meet up at the cafe. This is when Nana is given her ultra cool pink Sony Walkman. Also, know as an Astral Module.

Akanesasu Shoujo

I’m calling it. I think Twilit Asuka is gonna die. Unless the main Asuka gains a totally different transformation. I just don’t see them keeping two people who could potentially have the same powers. Anyway, The girls decide to do the ceremony again even after everything that’s happened so far. You would think they might have second thoughts.  Maybe they just like the thrill of adventure?

The ceremony gets a little messed up and Mia ends up becoming the link this time. And it gets even better. Remember when I said that western movie was foreshadowing? It just so happens that, in this world, Japan is western. The entire town, while modern, looks like a town from a western movie. And those aren’t the only things that have changed. Nana and Chloe are bank-robbing criminals and Mia is a deputy.

Akanesasu Shoujo

Things get even weirder when a bounty hunting version of Asuka mistakes Nana and Chloe for their twins. Yeah, things aren’t looking too good for those two. It’s also good to note that we learn a lot about each of these worlds through whoever is the acting link. For example, it’s through Mia we get to see how screwed up this world actually is. This world’s idea of a court case is a straight up duel between the opposing parties.

Yeah, I’m thinking there’s gonna be some kind of standoff involving the evil judge chick and Mia. I’m guessing that’s why this world’s version of her wanted to be a hero of justice. Oh, I almost forgot. Yuu, the girl I haven’t talked about, had three different versions in this episode. One of them was working at the saloon and the last one was that fortune teller from before. Oh, and we might get to see a bank robbery in the next episode.

Akanesasu Shoujo

Overall, I’d say that this episode is about as Evil as a Villian (9). This show is a lot of fun to watch so far. Let’s hope they keep it up. If you’re into high action series check out my last recap of SSSS.Gridman. Well, that’s all I have for you today. Thanks for letting me waste your time, people.

Akanesasu Shoujo is on HiDIVE.

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