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God this show knows how to push all the right buttons on me. How Evil is the third episode of SSSS.Gridman?

Studio: Trigger
Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, Mecha

So we start off one week after the last battle. So little-miss-kill-everything decided to take a while to prepare her next kaiju. It shows because this time the Kaiju seems to be a lot better and doesn’t die in this episode. I’ll talk more about that in a bit though. I like how we’re only seeing the parts of the kids’ lives that have to do directly with Gridman and the Kaiju. It would be boring to go through the week of school when nothing happens.

We begin where we usually do in the school with Yuta and Shou having a conversation about Kaiju. Shou brings up the possibility that the Kaiju are like Yuta and Gridman, then he dismissed it as a joke. But that seems to be exactly what’s happening in this episode. We meet a kid – Anti – who seemingly has the ability to become a Kaiju. I’m not sure if he is or used to be human, but he seems like a pet to Akane. He gets sent out to kill Gridman, which gets Yuta dragged into another battle.


Once the battle is underway, Anti speaks in his Kaiju form. This gets Yuta thinking about his previous conversation with Shou. As you can imagine, this make Yuta feel conflicted about fighting. He doesn’t want to kill another human being. It was okay when the monster was a mindless puppet but Anti can speak and think for himself. As the battle rages, it becomes clear that Yuta is losing this fight.

Calibur jumps in to help him out but, even with his help, Yuta loses the fight. He just wasn’t able to fight seriously, thinking that he might be fighting a human. In other words, he lost because he’s a hero. With her one true foe dead, Akane relishes in her victory. Of course, she does this by standing on her Kaiju and laughing like a mad woman. We still don’t know what her deal is.


When you’re evil plan succeeds just right.

With Yuta defeated, Gridman and Calibur vanish from existence as well. So not only are they dead, but it’s like they never existed, to begin with. God, if they left it there it would suck, wouldn’t it? Thankfully this is only the third episode so we know it’s gonna keep going ’til the end of the season. Yuta and Calibur are just hiding until the Kaiju appears again so they can jump it. But something else happens that gets them to show themselves earlier.

A group of strangers arrives right when Yuta’s friends are about to give up. They’re called – I kid you not – The Neon Genesis Junior High Students. (Voyager: “Junior High” my arse!) With these new arrivals, Gridman reappears to fight the Kaiju again. This time when the Kaiju appears, a new guy called Max steps in to merge with Gridman. I’m not going to lie, the oversized arms are just stupid cool. they make no sense but I love them. With Max’s help, Yuta is able to match the Kaiju move-for-move, eventually forcing it back to human form.


Overall, I’d say this episode is about as Evil as a Villian (9). Now that I’m used to it I’m really enjoying this series a lot now. If you have some free time check out Voyagers new editorial. Well, that’s all I have for you today. Thanks for letting me waste your time, people.

SSSS.Gridman is on Crunchyroll.

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