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For the start of their 8th season, Rila and Riley talk about the wall crawler and his brutal counterpart in their latest theatrical outings during what seems to be the year of Spider-Man! Stay Toon’d!

Our Take: I couldn’t possibly be more excited that Mysterio is the next major villain in a “main” Spider-Man film. When this news came up, a few months ago, the squee I produced would’ve made Rila proud. I really hope they let him have the fishbowl. I mean, if nothing else it gives Spidey something to make fun of while they fight. It was something Peter didn’t get a whole lot of chance to do while fighting Vulture in the last movie. Though, to be fair, they didn’t talk much while the action was going on.

I also think the Spider Verse trailer does look pretty neat. And, if nothing else, it looks like it’s setting up for Miles to form more of a connection with Peter, albeit a different one from his own universe. I don’t know if they intend to get into Miles’s origin in the movie. I honestly hope they don’t, since it’s basically a carbon copy of Peter’s, barring the circumstance of how he got bit in the first place. And I am really pumped to see Spider-Man Noir. It was my favorite alternate Spidey from the Shattered Dimensions game, a while back. Spider-Gwen appearing in a movie, this soon after her comics debut, is pretty cool. Yeah, she’s been around for a few years, but other, much higher profile heroes, are still waiting for films of their own. So it’s a pretty big move for her. I’m genuinely excited.

It’s a shame about Venom, but I hardly ever put much stock into what anyone else says when going to see a movie. It helps me measure my expectations, but I don’t use it to determine if I see the film or not. I do intend to see it soon and do a review of some sort. So we’ll see how that turns out. Hopefully, it’s at least better than that nonsense from 2006’s Spider-Man 3.

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