Our Most Anticipated Fall 2018 Anime | Top 5

Or… well… top 10, technically, but… y’know what? Let’s just get to it.

Voyager: All right, folks. Same rules as last time. No carry-overs, though sequels are okay (which is a gooood thing for this list).

EvilBob: Seriously.

Voyager: So. Without any further ado, let’s kick this off. And since he went first last time, I’ll take the honor for this round. Starting with…

Voyager’s #5 – Akanesasu Shoujo

EvilBob: Wait. Isn’t that from my list?

Voyager: Shut up. So this one caught my attention mostly because I saw Pony Canyon’s name attached to it. For those wondering, Pony Canyon has, in fact, produced (note: not Animation produced. That’s something else) a ton of anime I absolutely love… as well as some I despise, but that’s beside the point. They produced Yuki Yuna and Yuru Yuri (something shared by another project on this list), as well as Chuunibyou, Kyoukai no Kanata, and Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon. Suffice it to say, they’re well in my good graces. The studios behind the project are… “fresh,” we’ll call them. But I think the project could turn out something pretty great, overall.

EvilBob: The first episode was… interesting. It was definitely interesting.

Voyager: And here’s hoping the rest of it follows suit.

EvilBob’s #5 –  Radiant

EvilBob: A Fantasy Shounen Action/Adventure series. What’s not to like?

Voyager: Would you like that list in numerical or alphabetic order?

EvilBob: Wait. You have a list?

Voyager: Oh, I have a list for everything.

EvilBob: Well, I’ve actually only had two bad experiences with that exact genre combination before, so…

Voyager: Oh, you poor, innocent child. You… you really haven’t watched a lot of this genre, have you?

EvilBob: …Point.

Voyager’s #4 – Release the Spyce

Voyager: And then there’s this little gem. So, this show gives me three reasons to be extremely interested in it. First of all, Pony Canyon again. But there are just two other reasons behind my looking forward to this.

EvilBob: Cute girls and Superpowers?

Voyager: No. Well… kinda. The character designer is none other than Namori, of Yuru Yuri fame! And the original concept, scripts, and series composition are the work of Takahiro! From Yuki Yuna!

EvilBob: …Y’know, it’s a good thing we haven’t instated some kind of drinking game for whenever you bring that up.

Voyager: …Shut up. Point is, I am amped.

EvilBob’s #4 – Beelzebub-jou no Okinimesu mama.

Voyager: …Really?

EvilBob: Sue me. It sounds cute.

Voyager: Wow. You’re starting to sound like me.

EvilBob: Hey! You shouldn’t say such horrible things!

Voyager: Minus the IQ, anyway.

EvilBob: …why you gotta do me like that, bro?

Voyager’s #3 – Radiant/Yagate Kimi ni Naru

EvilBob: Heeey. That’s cheating!

Voyager: Child, I’m the editor. I make the rules.

EvilBob: Oh… right.

Voyager: So yeah. In case it’s unclear, by now, I looove Shounen and Shoujo, respectively. Probably because I really like stories that involve the POWER OF EMOTIONS. Which, let’s be honest, is all both genres ultimately are, when you really get down to it. Shounen really know how to get the blood pumping. And Shoujo really know how to induce those sappy “Awwwww” moments, we all love… and both of them are entirely capable of tugging at our heartstrings. He’s still traumatized by Fullmetal Alchemist, by the way.

EvilBob: Tucker, you bastard!

Voyager: See? Sure, they’ll more or less start out with pretty standard openings. But where they go after that is always fascinating to me. I also love Fantasy Adventures like Radiant and I’ve heard a lot of good things about Yagate Kimi ni Naru. So there’s that as well.

EvilBob’s #3 – Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken

EvilBob: I don’t usually go for stories that involve reincarnation. But this one’s funny, so I’ll bite. Also. Tsundere Dragon.

Voyager: Yeeeah…

Voyager’s #2 – SSSS.Gridman

Voyager: It’s basically Kamen Rider: The Anime, done by Studio-friggin-Trigger and produced by Pony Canyon. Uh. Yes Please.

EvilBob’s #2 – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind

Voyager: *sits back* Strap in folks. Here comes the fanboy.

EvilBob: *clears throat* JoJo’s back! Aaand I’ve actually read part of the manga for this one, so… this is gonna be a wild ride.

Voyager: Huh. That was fairly tame.

EvilBob: Oh, I’m not done.

Voyager: Uh oh.

EvilBob: So this time we’ve got a more grey JoJo. Don’t get me wrong. He’s still a nice guy. But keep your hands (and probably feet) near your wallet, at all times!

Voyager: …did you just-?

EvilBob: And he’s-! Wait… uh… whoops. Started geeking out, for a second there.

Voyager: Ya don’t say…

EvilBob: …Okay, your turn!

Voyager’s #1 – Toaru Majutsu no Index III

EvilBob: *sits back* Brace yourselves. The fanboy is coming.

Voyager: *clears throat* For thousands of years, it has lain dormant… at least, it sure as hell feels that way. But dude! It’s back! A Certain Magical Index is back! Oh man, oh man, it’s about friggin’ time! Don’t get me wrong. A Certain Scientific Railgun is awesome. But dude! Index! Index! How many years has it been?! This is gonna be awesome!

EvilBob: How awesome is it gonna be, dude?

Voyager: More awesome than-! …you’re mocking me.

EvilBob: Whaaat? I’d never do that. You’re the editor. That’d be career suici-…

Voyager: Oh, hey. He realized where he f–ked up. He is learning.

EvilBob’s #1 – Golden Kamuy 2nd Season

EvilBob: Yay! It’s back!

Voyager: …clearly I was wrong. This is where the fanboy comes in.

EvilBob: Oh, come on. You miss the stupid faces too. Admit it.

Voyager: …You’re really just gonna give me that setup, aren’t you?

EvilBob: …Anyway! Asirpa’s back! Along with all of her poop jokes!

Voyager: …Y’see? Y’see what he does? Do you see why I make fun of him? He makes it so bloody easy!

EvilBob: I’ve heard promises of tons of action in this season, so I’m totally ready for this one. Also, a certain… “sensei” is returning. Along with his “partner.”

Voyager: …oh dear god, no.

EvilBob: Yyyup!

Voyager: I am never visiting a Japanese inn. Nope. Never. Not happening. Uh-uh.

EvilBob: I heard the military base has a nice place for civilians to stay.

Voyager: …cute.


Voyager: And that’s the list, folks. Hope you guys enjoyed it.

EvilBob: Thanks for letting us waste your time, people.

CVoyage: This Fall may be incredibly loaded, but it’s actually shaping up to be really good too.

EvilBob: Which is gonna make this culling thing all the more difficult.

Voyager: Yeeeah… Anyway, Keep up the Awesome!

EvilBob: And Keep it Classy.

CVoyage: Take Care.

8 thoughts on “Our Most Anticipated Fall 2018 Anime | Top 5

  1. Arthifis

    Great choices… I do have to work around and try to watch some more shows included in your list this season!

    I’ve already watched Yagate Kimi ni Naru and I enjoyed it. I loved the experience of jumping from a third-person perspective to a first one.

    I’m also planning on watching Dakaishi, Goblin Slayer, Iroduku Sekai no Ashita kara and RErideD… But the list will probably grow xD

    1. Chris Voyage

      I still have to watch Iroduku Sekai no Ashita kara. If nothing else, it looks *gorgeous*. Can’t say I’m familiar with Dakaishi, though. Yagate Kimi ni Naru was enjoyable. Looking forward to seeing more of it!

      1. Arthifis

        Dakaishi is the bl Anime of the season xD I was surprised because it felt it was going for the same troops we already know well in Shounen ai animes but then it took a flip xD

      2. Arthifis

        Yeah the Anime has two different names lolol this is the one the creators use (I think 🤔)
        Well I know it comes from a visual novel but I didn’t read it, so I’m completely going without any kind of idea how it is going to be… For now it seems not to be terrible ahah xD

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