Time For A 200 Follower Q&A Jamboree!

Eh. Everyone else uses the word “celebration.” Felt like being different, and all that.

EvilBob: So, it’s time to answer some questions. These look like they’re going to be fun.

Voyager: Guess so. We told you guys to send in your questions and, uh… boy did ya.

EvilBob: So without further ado, let’s get to it.

Keiko Asks: If you were a protagonist, what type would you be? :)

Voyager: Oh. Well. That’s pretty easy for me. However you describe Oreki, from Hyouka. Low energy, pretty blase about most things, etc. Now if we asked what kind I’d like to be, well that’s harder. A less… classy gentleman than myself would probably say “A harem protagonist!” or something. And contrary to popular belief, I’d hate being a Shonen protagonist. They tend to get beat up. A lot. Sci-Fi protagonists are almost always killed off in the end or put through immense emotional trauma. Sooo… I’ll go with a Slice of Life protagonist… in a comedy. Niiice and safe. Unless there’s a love interest involved. Then there’s an 85% chance she’s a Tsundere and I still get beat up a lot.

EvilBob: So… I’ve thought about this a lot. And after comparing notes… I have come to the conclusion that I would be a Shonen protagonist. It would be one of the more comedic ones and I would probably fail in fantastical new ways, if the way I play games is any indication.

EvilBob: I would love to be one of the more intelligent protags but, If I’m honest, I’m not all that bright.

Voyager: *cough*

EvilBob: … Shut Up, Chris.

Voyager: Hm? What? I’unno what you’re talkin’ about.

Karandi Asks: What are you most looking forward to doing with your blog?

Voyager: Oh. Well fine, ask a really hard question why don’tcha. I’m kidding, of course. It’s no secret that around here we’re quite… ambitious. We’re working on a lot of original projects at the moment. Buuut most of them involve getting work from other people. And we’ve been having trouble getting things from people on time. So we just kinda stopped bothering to give you guys updates about them. Once we’re closer to done, we’ll get back to you on that. But they’re still really exciting and I can’t wait to get to them.

EvilBob: They’re so much fun to work on too. It’s gonna be a blast to share them once they’re ready. We can’t wait to see what everyone will think of them. You know what? I’m going to spoil a few things.

Voyager: Bob, don’t.

EvilBob: I can’t wait for you to meet [REDACTED], who’s on a grand quest to [REDACTED] with all his friends who [REDACTED]… Why is it doing that?

Voyager: Behold the power of the almighty editor.

EvilBob: But shouldn’t we at least tell them about [REDACTED]. Okay, I give up.

bmcenteecom Asks… a lot:

When is Chris gonna DM?

Voyager: Never. Next?

When will evilBob find redemption?

EvilBob: Never. Next!

Will you review Golden Kamuy 2?

EvilBob: Yes, I have to. It’s in the contract.

Voyager: Yes, contract. That’s what he signed.

EvilBob: The first one was a blast. Why wouldn’t I?

Can either of you survive the 1st episode of Goblin Slayer?

Voyager: I’m sure I can. Whether or not I feel like it is another story.

EvilBob: I have no idea if I could or not. From what I’ve heard there’s a strong possibility that I wouldn’t like it. So I probably wouldn’t survive the first episode.

Voyager: Bob didn’t save many points for his constitution stat.

EvilBob: … Shut up, Chris.

Will you do anime movie reviews on Netflix?

Voyager: Well, seeing as I’m the one here that has Netflix, and I don’t personally have much of an interest in that, I don’t see it happening. Maybe if there’s significant demand for it. But I doubt I’d do it on my own.

EvilBob: If and when I get Netflix there is a possibility of me doing it. I did cover some live-action adaptations before so it’s not much of a stretch.

Arthifis Asks: If there was any kind of story you could completely erase from your memory just to have the opportunity to experience first hand again which one would it be and why?

Voyager: This is actually a pretty hard one to answer.  On the one hand, I like the idea of reexperiencing the fun of a series I loved for the first time. But. I also like the idea of erasing things I don’t like so I can watch them again to see if anything changes. For example, I’d love to re-experience something like Hyouka, Mob Psycho 100, or Log Horizon. But I also wouldn’t be opposed to watching things we all know I hate.

EvilBob: So, Sword Art then?

Voyager: …I mean if you’re gonna just say it…

EvilBob: A story that I would want to re-experience? I would have to say The Slayers. I’ve seen that series so many times that the jokes barely affect me now. When I first watched it I laughed so hard it hurt. I would love to do that again.

Jon Spencer Asks: What is each of your favorite posts on the site and why?

Voyager: Oof…

EvilBob: You want me to go first?

Voyager: Please and thank you.

EvilBob: My favorite post on the site? That’s got to be Voyager’s 5 Insanely Annoying Pokemon Game Mechanics article.

EvilBob: Anyone who’s played a Pokemon game has run into a few of those. I quit with Gold so I haven’t seen all of them myself, but I saw enough to relate. It was nostalgic for me.

Voyager: Yeah, this one’s hard. I’d say… well, I like the full series reviews so things like the Date A Live and Yuki Yuna Retrospectives are high on my list. But I also like editorial pieces like What’s In A Good Anime Fight Scene? or Suffering in Storytelling. And I love all the Bulletoon episodes. Especially the latest ones since they give me an excuse to write mini-essays. But I think Yuki Yuna is probably my favorite.

EvilBob: Gee, there’s a shock…

Voyager: No one asked you. But really, it was basically the first article that helped me establish how I wanted to do reviews on the site. A style I refined in later work.

Voyager: Also, the articles I write with him are cool. I get to make fun of him a lot.

EvilBob: That is the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me. I’m touched.

Voyager: And he doesn’t even know to get mad, it’s the best.

EvilBob: I think we got them all.

Voyager: Sweet. Thanks again for the 200 followers, everyone. It really means a lot. And it’s helped us meet a bunch of really cool bloggers.

EvilBob: And thanks for helping us celebrate. This was a lot of fun! Here’s to 200 more in the future!

Voyager: But, for now, that’s it from us. Thanks for reading, as always. Keep up the Awesome.

EvilBob: And Keep it Classy!

Voyager: Take Care.

6 thoughts on “Time For A 200 Follower Q&A Jamboree!

  1. Karandi

    Thanks for answering my question and I really enjoyed reading all of your answers. Congrats again and good luck with all the redacted business (I’m sure we’ll find out when it is time).

  2. Arthifis

    Thanks for answering my question! :D I can relate to Evilbob, not for the Anime itself, but the rewatching an Anime so the jokes get me again!
    And again, congrats with the 200 followers! ^.^
    This was really a fun post to read eheh

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