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No, but really. There was so much anime news to talk about! How were the girls to ever pick one thing to talk about at length! Not to worry, though. Rila has a solution! Stay Toon’d!

Our Take: Honestly… not much to say. Most of this sounds pretty cool. And I’m sure we got some stuff wrong about the newer things, like Goblin Slayer. I intentionally didn’t do any research into it because I was interested and didn’t want to know anything about it. Usually, I just check the Wikis and TV Tropes pages to learn minor details ahead of time (TV Tropes because they have the spoiler things so I can shield myself more easily from the big stuff). But this time I’ve avoided doing that, and even neglected to read some of the light novel reviews. As such, I actually knew more about Radiant than I did it. And I think of these things, I’m most looking forward to Radiant. Yeees, there’s the Yuki Yuna stuff. But it also does genuinely appear to be up my alley in terms of story and whatnot.

Black Clover’s second season, as I’ve made clear, has potential. But one thing they definitely need to work on is the budget. the writing has been… fine, but it’s really only just starting to pick up… almost a full year later. That’s the issue, though. It’s a Pierrot Shonen anime ala Naruto and Bleach. So I expect a lot of the same problems, unfortunately. I don’t know how much of its problems were because the original creator was just coming into their own as a creator throughout the whole process. They may well have just been doing what they could with what they were given. Either way, I’m hoping the next season of it (which I fully expect will be 51 – 52 episodes) will be an improvement.

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