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Beware of the maids. They kill all the things. Macrophage finally got more screen time. How Evil is the 10th episode of Cells at Work?

Cells at Work
Studio: David Production
Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life

The focus is back to Red almost exclusively, this episode. It’s nice that we are following her. If nothing else, we already know that Red’s life, in general, is entertaining. Even when she doesn’t get chased for five minutes, things happen around her.

This episode started off with Red successfully doing her job. She never even got lost. Stuff did happen to her though. While she has gotten better at not getting lost, germs still tend to be attracted to her. Her senpai actually warns her to be careful and in the very next scene, she’s running for her life again.

Cells at Work

The usual shenanigans ensue with Red running from the latest germ of the week while carrying nutrients for the body. Only this time, White is nowhere to be seen. So poor little Red has to run away as fast as she can for who knows how long, which only makes the germ angry.

Just when things are looking bad for Red, a mysterious stranger garbed in a yellow hazard suite appears. This guy wipes out the attacking germ with almost no effort at all by punching and then spraying it to death. Monocyte is what the new guy is called. He’s apparently related to Macrophage in some way, but Red can’t get anything out of him, seeing how he doesn’t really talk.

Cells at Work

After that, Red goes about her duties again. Everything is going fine until an abrasion occurs directly under her feet. And through this void in the body emerges some of those germs from the last time it happened. The White Blood Cells arrive just in time to fight the invaders and, for the beginning of the fight, they’re doing good.

And then the unexpected happens. The invaders perform a fusion dance and combine into a kaiju-sized monster germ. And now I have to say, this fight was amazing! I didn’t expect them to come close to the Cancer fight, but this did it. I think it might’ve been better in some ways too. Anyway, the White Blood Cells get wrecked pretty fast, leaving Monocyte and his crew to finish the job. Well… her crew. Monocyte just happens to be one Macrophage’s forms. So, you know how that went.

Cells at Work

Overall I’d say this episode is about as Evil as a Super Villian! (10). This show is still a lot of fun. I hope this keeps up for the last two episodes. It’s gonna be a tough choice come, the end of this season. If You’re looking for something else to waste your time on. Check out the latest Bulletoon Weekly episode. Well, that’s all I have for you today. Thanks for letting me waste your time, people.

Cells at Work Simulcast on Crunchyroll Saturdays 12:30 pm EDT

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