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Chio’s School Road Episode 10 Recap | Is It Evil?

Momo has a sweet tooth, the pain in the butt is back and… Andou likes cats? How Evil is the 10th episode of Chio’s School Road?

Chio’s School Road
Studio: Diomedea
Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life

We’ve seen a lot of strange and disturbing things over the course of this series and this episode only added to the madness. This time it’s Momo’s turn to shine and show us just how weird she can be. It all starts with Momo asking Chio and Manana for help… If you said “Oh no” to that, you’re not alone. Chio and Manana helping anyone usually leads to trouble and then we hear what she needs help with.

She needs someone to stop here when she starts to act crazy or weird. Why, does she need help with that? Well, she wants to eat candy and her sweet tooth causes her to transform into a sugar-crazed, “rulebreaking” creature of pure weirdness. In other words she just really loves sweets.

Chio’s School Road

Yeah, sweets might be a drug to her. Just look at her eyes. They’re glowing. Now I think the best part of this whole situation was that Chio and Manana made no attempt to stop her from going crazy. In fact, they encouraged it because she looked happy. It was actually kind of nice of them to join in too. It’s a nice addition that gives us more on Momo.

The next part saw the return of a certain pain in the butt that lead the charge in what’s probably the most uncomfortable episode of the series so far. Chio warns everyone that met their end before and tracks the little troublemaker through the city. I’m not entirely sure what she what she had planned for the little one but everything comes to a screeching halt when Andou gets involved. We even learn this terror’s name, Chiharu.

Chio’s School Road

Turns out Chiharu is Andou’s younger sister. We even get the explanation of why she has become the end of many. She is hunting for her brother’s “woman.” She assumes he quit the bikers because she seduced him and gave him some love. And yes I mean that exactly how it sounds. Chio tries to not say anything and then Chiharu calls Chio a succubus and it is on.

Chio spills the beans almost instantly but Chiharu understandably doesn’t believe she’s the one. So, she tells Chio she has to prove it by knocking Andou out with a single blow. Yeah, apparently the biker gang told her this grandiose story about Bloody Butterfly and she believed it. Chio doesn’t even flinch. She takes a fighting stance almost as quickly as she’s told. Andou and Chio try and try but they can’t seem to get it right and then Andou accidentally fondles Chio. Don’t worry he gets a swift Manana punch to the face for it.

Chio’s School Road

On top of all the other stuff, we got a little short with Andou and George the cat. It was different but cute. Overall I’d say this episode is about as Evil as a Super Villian (10). This show just gets more outrageous as it goes on. I hope it keeps this up for the last two episodes. If you’re looking to do less reading, check out the newest Bulletoon Weekly. Well, that’s all I have for you today. Thanks for letting me waste your time, people.

Chio’s School Road Simulcast on Crunchyroll Fridays 10:30 am EDT.

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