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Ironheart is getting her own solo series at Marvel by playwright and poet, Eve Ewing. But does it have a chance? Riley certainly thinks so. Stay Toon’d!

Our Take: I failed to really articulate this while writing the episode, so let me just get this out of the way. I know Miles has since gone on to be more of his own thing. But I haven’t read any comics featuring him since about a year after he came out. And at that time he was still just replaying “Spider-Man’s Greatest Hits.” I especially think Miles should’ve just had a completely different costume as there’s no real reason for him to ape Peter’s. He had no real, personal connection to Peter. They didn’t meet until the Spider-Men crossover, and even then, that was a different version of Peter altogether. And that’s why I didn’t care for him. It just felt forced. As a minority, myself, I’ll say that I absolutely hate being pandered to like that. And Miles felt like nothing more than pandering. Riri was very much the same way.

But as the girls say in the video, I think Eve Ewing could brings something new to the character… an actual character. Currently Riri is little more than an archetype. She doesn’t feel like a person. She feels like an intention. Because that’s what she was. And while Bendis was well-meaning when he created her, Good intentions, alone, don’t make for a compelling character. For crying out loud, when Riri was introduced, her armor was a complete and total rip of Ironman’s. Her new suit, however, looks much better and sets her apart significantly. I’d actually go as far as to say I love it.


I think Riri can easily stand apart from Shuri and Moon-Girl as easily as Peter Parker stands apart from Reed Richards or Hank Pym. Yes, they’re all virtually the same thing at face value – genius white guys. But it’s the smaller differences that really matter the most. So I wish Ewing luck in really bringing some life to Ironheart.

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Riri “Ironheart” Williams gets her own solo series

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