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Chio’s School Road Episode 8 Recap | Is It Evil?

In this episode Yuki runs to school, Chio thinks she’s Sam Fisher, Manana powers up and an old face returns for a flashback. How Evil is the 8th episode of Chio’s School Road?

Chio’s School Road
Studio: diomedea
Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life,

If the intro didn’t give it away a lot happened this episode. No appearances from the new character from last time and I’m kinda glad she didn’t show up this time. That last episode got kind of uncomfortable at times. Anyway, this episode started off with Yuki walking to school with Chio and Manana in track outfit. Turns out Chio and Manana have a problem with it.

You see Yuki is attracting way too much attention to them as a group. It was funny to see Chio and Manana’s solutions to this problem. Chio took the lead by changing Into her tenish uniform. She could sort of blend in with Yuki while hiding her face from onlookers it’s the perfect strategy. Well, it would’ve been if not for Manana. Manana’s strategy ruined Chio’s completely by appealing to Yuki’s one weakness, running.

Chio’s School Road

Got to hand it to Manana that was evil. With Yuki gone the only one drawing unwanted attention is Chio. How in the world are these two still friends? I don’t even treat my brother this badly and we fight all the time, well, part of the time doesn’t matter. The point is they are just terrible to each other and yet they are still somewhat sweet at times this anime is weird.

In the next part of the episode Chio and Manana walking to school without Yuki this time. Chio is doing her normal thing of talking about the new game she just got and Manana is ignoring her while responding every once in a while to sound interested. Manana and Chio keep talking until Chio gets the idea to show off another live-action video game skill from her new game.

Chio’s School Road

Before Manana can really act she gets approached by the office guy they met before and she gets distracted chatting with him. While Manana is distracted Chio manages to climb a building all the way to the top using a move from a video game. I think Chio might just have a superpower.

While Chio makes it there is someone that isn’t exactly happy with her. You see Manana has finally finished her talk with the guy and spots Chio way higher than she should be. Now we’ve seen her mad at Chio before most notably when Chio got them both stuck on that bridge. But that has nothing on this time, this time she looks like she’s gonna murder Chio.

Chio’s School Road

She even tries to beat up Chio when she catches her. Of course, her fear of heights kicks in and she faints so, yeah we learned all kinds of things about these 2. Chio carried Manana to safety so I guess they’re still on good terms? At least they still help each other but god they mean sometimes.

The last part of this episode was a look into Momo’s backstory. It’s kind of sad the way people treated her like a know it all when all she was doing was trying to help. She was just doing the only thing she could to help, I guess Chio and Manana aren’t the only jerks at their school. This little part also showed us how her crush on that one instructor started.

Chio’s School Road

Overall I’d say this episode was about as Evil as a Super Villian (10). It wasn’t as funny as I expected but we did get some interesting backstory on a side character and a little bit more on Chio and Manana’s relationship. I’m glad to see that this show does have more serious moments. If you want something new to watch check out today’s episode of Bulletoon Weekly. Well, that’s all I have for you today. Thanks for letting me waste your time, people.

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