What Could it Look Like if Blumhouse Productions Revived the Dark Universe? | Bulletoon Weekly

The Dark Universe is pretty much dead, as far as anyone’s concerned. But the twins delve into the history of monster movies to determine if Jason Blum’s interest in its revival could lead to anything. Stay Toon’d!

Our Take: I’d be lying if I said I was particularly enthusiastic about the prospect. Not that I think it’d be an especially bad thing. But given the filmography, I do think if Blumhouse did this, they’d lean to Riley’s side of this and do something more steeped in horror. I’m not really a horror fan, so if that was the route they decided to take, my interest in the Dark Universe would hit zero pretty immediately.

I do think Universal was onto something, in terms of setting up their little universe, making it sort of like “The Avengers, but with monsters.” It’s something similar to DC’s “Creature Commandos.” That being said, I would probably prefer a movie about the actual Creature Commandos. But I don’t really trust DC not to mess that up. So here we are. We’ve got no idea if Blumhouse will actually do it, of course. This entire conversation is essentially the result of a tweet. So we’ll have to wait and see how everything pans out.

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Jason Blum interested in Reviving the Dark Universe
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