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Angels of Death Episode 8 Recap | Is It Evil?

Ray faces her demons along with some familiar faces as Zack is slowly dying. How Evil is the 8th episode of Angels of Death?

Angels of Death
Studio: J.C. Staff
Genre: Mystery, Horror,

Following directly after Ray’s killing spree from the last episode Ray is greeted by an unlikely face. Cathy returns to haunt Ray. I’m not even sure if this is an actual haunting or not at this point. It could be the drugs that Gray keeps letting off but the illusions are actually grabbing her so I’m not really sure right now. What I do know is that Cathy’s body doesn’t have they left it and that isn’t the creepy part. Apparently, Cathy appeared just to point out how bad Ray’s action just was with Ray giving her no response at all.

After being ignored she vanished, but I think Ray thinks it’s the drugs so the nonreaction might be in response to her thinking that. I mean who would belives it’s a ghost after the trippy drugs her and Zack have been on? After that trip, Ray and Gray move onto the next floor. Eddy’s floor looks about like how they left it. Gray starts lecturing Ray on the mess they made of the place during their last visit. That’s when this happened…

Angels of Death

Yes, those are disembodied hands coming out of the ground. This doesn’t even phase Ray, she just stomps on causing them to explode in blood and let off terrible screams. After clearing the path Ray proceeds to reactivate the elevator but she is confronted by Eddy’s ghost. Eddy lectured her on what she just did to the hands, but I gotta question this both of these people are murderers themselves, so how does them lecturing her about killing things that may or may not really make any sense?

Anyway, Ray moves onto Danny’s floor next. His body is also missing and so is the medicine that Ray has been looking for. No Danny ghost though which made me think that maybe he’s the only one we wouldn’t see this episode. It’s not a big loss he was one offed by Zack in the first episode. Speaking of Zack we got a whole lot of backstory on the knife he asked Ray to get for him.

Angels of Death

We also got an awful lot of Zack’s backstory to go with the knife’s. Last time we got his first 2 victims this time we got 3 more of his victims two of which killed someone important to him causing him to become the monster he is now. Those two were also the first ones to be killed with that particular knife.

Now here’s where things get a little more dire for Zack and Ray. Danny is still alive and he’s the reason the medicine is missing. I want to know how he survived being gutted by Zack earlier but it really doesn’t matter right now. I mean unless he finds Zack injured and alone and has recovered enough to kill him.

Angels of Death

Oh wait, he is. Yeah, I’m thinking Zack just might die this time. With Ray gone to get the knife and Zack incapacitated there’s little hope that he’ll survive this. I guess he could always take Danny down too but I feel like that won’t help him survive much longer anyway. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Overall, I’d say this episode is about as Evil as a Politician (7). It’s still meh but at least it’s interesting now. If you’re looking to watch something new give today episode of Bulletoon Weekly a try. Well, that’s all I have for you today. Thanks for letting me waste your time, people.

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