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Holmes of Kyoto Episode 7 Recap | Is It Evil?

Well, He’s back and we’re still waiting for an actual mystery to show itself. How Evil is the 7th episode of Holmes of Kyoto?

Holmes of Kyoto
Studio: Seven
Genre: Mystery, Romance,

After the last episode, I was concerned that Holmes has been solving everything way too easily. My concerns have yet to be addressed as Holmes continues to be the master of taking the mystery out of this show.  If it wasn’t for the charming moments with Aoi and the rest of the cast I would’ve dropped this show already. That being said we did get a fair amount of development out of Aoi this episode so let’s jump into the episode.

Rikyū is back and is as annoying as ever. It seems he feels he has to prove he’s better than Aoi at working in the store with everything he does. It’s like he’s intimidated by her very presence, oh and he keeps telling Holmes she’s not for him. Sounds like there might be a bit of jealousy there. Holmes puts the brat in his place though. Everyone gets to go to a birthday party except him because he’s the best one to leave with the store. Holmes even lets the actor come along.

Holmes of Kyoto

I’m not going to lie Holmes’ nasty side is starting to grow on me a little. He just so mean it’s funny and the way he treats some of these people is just hilarious. Anyway, the birthday party is for a guy who was at the last one. The VIP of the party is another antique appraiser and he has set up a few events to keep his guest entertained.

The most interesting of the events is the one that takes center stage in the episode. The main attraction is an appraising competition that only non-pro appraisers can compete in. Aoi and the actor both end up competing although the actor doesn’t make it very far which should come of no surprise to anyone. Aoi managed to win the grand prize which was a trip for two, the one running the show suggested she take Holmes along which made he more than a little nervous. But the most important thins was Aoi’s face when she won that’s just adorable.

Holmes of Kyoto

All cuteness aside we didn’t get anything major until the last part of the episode… I hope this isn’t becoming a pattern. Anyway, the one holding the part brings out a painting for Holmes to appraise. Holmes takes a lot of time looking at the thing too. It seemed like even he wasn’t sure if it was fake or not. Holmes determined it was a fake based solely on his feelings of the piece. I’m pretty sure that isn’t how that works.

The next part is a little more interesting though. Holmes ask were the painting came from to find out it came from someone named Mori… Yes, Holmes and now Moriarty still waiting for the mystery part to show up. Turns out that Mori is just a dummy name taken for poetic reasons. Even the actor gets that part of the plot. Holmes and company end up running into the monk guy again only for him to give them all the slip. I guess he is their Moriarty after all.

Holmes of Kyoto

Overall I’d say this episode was about as Evil as a Villian (9). But if it keeps this pattern up that my enjoyment will plummet. It’s all up to this next episode. If you looking for something different checkout Bulletoon Weekly. Well, that’s all I have for you today. Thanks for letting me waste your time, people.

If you’re interested in Holmes of Kyoto Simulcast on Mondays 2:35 pm EDT

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