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So apparently this is still a thing that’s happening. The backlash at the Ruby Rose Batwoman casting has… rubbed Rila the wrong way.

Our Take: I’m not even sure where to put the blame on this one. Is it more of the comic book community’s whining? Or is it more people competing in the Woke Olympics? The fact that I don’t know the answer to that question is disheartening. A major comic book LGBTQ icon is receiving an adaptation. The character is being played by someone who personally identifies with them and is overjoyed for the opportunity. If you don’t think she’d be a good fit for genuine reasons, that’s perfectly fine. But not liking it because she’s “too popular” (even though cursory research says she hasn’t been in that much) or that she’s “not gay enough” (really, people? Really?) is just the height of stupidity.

I know next to nothing about Ruby Rose. She shares a name with a popular Rooster Teeth character and she’s in Orange is the New Black, which I’ve never actually watched. So I can’t say if she’d be a good fit or not. But harassing this woman is inexcusable. And it’s always inexcusable. It’s been inexcusable every single time it’s happened in the past several years. The instance that comes to mind the most is probably the Ghost Busters reboot. And my stance now is the same as it was then. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.

I personally find it important to highlights the support she received as well, however. Something I sadly neglected to do whilst writing this episode in the rush to get it made. But the outpour of support she received from sadly-not-loud-enough sources is the kind of thing I’d like to see more of. So, once more, congratulations on the role, Ms. Rose (if that’s the pronoun you prefer. Sorry if it’s something else). And good luck.

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9 thoughts on “We Need To Talk About The Ruby Rose Batwoman Backlash | Bulletoon Weekly

    1. Chris Voyage

      Yup. It’s amazing what people will come up with to justify vitriol. Gotta laugh at those telling her – to her face – that she’s not a lesbian. Especially after, based on what I’ve researched, her spending years with people telling her she was “too gay.” It’s hilarious how quickly people flip-flop.

      1. Kibate

        Or maybe it’s not so much people flip-flop, but simply that there are assholes on both sides of the coin, and this time simply the other side complains

  1. Bernard J McEntee Jr

    I’d argue DC has yet to have a good batman live action so it seems a little odd we’re going with Batwoman first. Though from a marketing perspective it’s clearly genius because of the political sh!tstorm that will ensue from arm chair pulpits from those who don’t even know the source material. Even as a Batman fanboy I barely know about Batwoman with the exception of that one animated movie. DC must think if they can get an obscure character like her right, then maybe we’ll get a decent live action Batman portrayal in the next 20 years.

    As far as the gay thing, unless the material is particularly sexual it’s a bit harder to say the actor’s sexuality matters if we’re not actually seeing it. From what I understand, the Batwoman character was pretty much always gay so casting a gay or bi actor makes sense. But demanding representation if that representation has no bearing on the material is like demanding an actor play a person with irritable bowel syndrome but only if said actor also has IBS to in order to have representation and accuracy.

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  3. LemonJuice

    These kinds of things just get me irked in all the wrong places I will say, I personally won’t be watching it simply because I have too many shows anyway

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