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One-Punch Man’s second season is on the way despite rumors of delays! And we also got a new promo for Release the Spyce! Stay Toon’d!

Our Take: Not much to say about this, I’m extremely excited to see what the new season of One-Punch Man has to offer. Obviously, I’m big on western comics and superheroes. And One-Punch Man is a very affectionate parody. Though with a very Japanese twist that has a lot in common with how the concept is handled in things like My Hero Academia. The studio change is going to be a big thing for me. Madhouse did an excellent job on the animation of the first season. But J.C Staff is no slouch when it comes to animating action. They handled the amazing action scenes of things like DanMachi and A Certain Magical Index. So I certainly believe they have the chops, even if they lack the hyper distinct style of something like a Madhouse, BONES, or Trigger.

It’s also no secret that Yuki Yuna wa Yusha de Aru is one of my favorite anime. The bleak magical girl series has gotten its fair share of attention on this site. And I could honestly analyze the different elements of it for years. Meanwhile, Yuru Yuri is a series that I adore for completely different reasons, as something I watch as sort of a “cool down.” I’ll put it on just to be in a good mood, basically. There’s a reason it’s the picture for Easy Viewing on my rating system. On paper, it might seem odd that the creators of such drastically different things are collaborating. But I think that might just be what makes it so ingenious. I’m really hoping we get to see something amazing out of this. Cute, but not without depth, as I’d expect from the creator of what I personally find to be the best non-Sailor Moon magical girl series.

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