Angels of Death

Angels of Death Episode 7 Recap | Is It Evil?

Zack seems to be heading to the afterlife ahead of schedule and Ray heads back down with the newest floor master. How Evil is the 6th Recap of Angels of Death?

Angels of Death
Studio: J.C. Staff
Genre: Mystery, Horror,

So, it turns out gutting yourself is not a good thing. Zack is on death’s door now.  That leaves Ray to figure out this floor alone, but first, she is going to try and save Zack so he can keep his promise. As she moves through this floor it’s obvious something strange is going on. The place looks like a chapel of sorts and it’s full of some kind of gas with a sweet fragrance.

I don’t know if the gas is harmful, but it does seem to have mind-altering properties. When she first got hit by the gas things got more than a little trippy. Here’s a small list shattered mirror shards all with Ray reflected in them, bloody writing on the wall, the chapel burning, and bleeding paintings. All of the things she went through seemed to be aimed at bringing out her true nature. And the mirror shard she picked up ended up acting like a key for most of the other things she went through.

Angels of Death

On top of her tripping on whatever gas was being used on her, Ray was following the sound of a church organ? I guess that makes sense given what this floor resembles. Anyway, she seemingly wakes up in front of the organ which happens to be playing itself.
She also see’s a book that gives her a clue to move forward by splashing some angel painting with what looks like blood.

After splashing the painting it lets out a terrible tone that gives Ray a headache. It might just be that the drugs made it worse than it actually was she was high just a few minutes ago. Once the sound has subsided Ray notices that there is someone behind her now. The man behind her is Gray the master of this floor and possibly the guy responsible for this place.

Angels of Death

He decides he won’t pass judgment on her until he knows what kind of person she is. Gee, that’s awfully nice of him. He even tells Ray he’ll take back to Danny’s floor so she can get the medicine to save Zack, but She has to be tested along the way. Their first stop is Cathy’s old floor. Gray tells Ray that she must activate the elevator to allow them to travel further down and that this is part of the test. He also gases her again.

Ray finds the elevator controls pretty fast and then she hits a snag. You see Cathy had other prisoners that she kept in a zombie-like state and they are guarding the controls. Ray flees the area with the zombies in hot pursuit until she locks herself in Cathy’s control room. This is when we see Ray’s murderous side show itself. She activates the turrets that Cathy used and begins to mow down every last zombie without hesitation. Just look at that face too. That is creepy.

Angels of Death

Overall I’d say this episode was about as Evil as a Politician (7). Well, at least we have some more clues as to why she is in here, to begin with. This is still pretty much a meh anime but I’m enjoying it more than I should. It might just be morbid curiosity in my case. If you want something different checkout CVoyage’s Weekly Anime Redux articles. Well, that’s all I have for you today. Thanks for letting me waste your time, people.

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