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Holmes of Kyoto Episode 6 Recap | Is It Evil?

It appears even Holmes’ grandfather can instantly solve things. How Evil is the 6th episode of Holmes of Kyoto?

Holmes of Kyoto
Studio: Seven
Genre: Mystery, Romance,

This episode opened a little different than most of the others. It opened with Aoi inviting a friend to Holmes’ grandfather’s birthday party. There was also a discussion about what Aoi feels for Holmes. That was interesting, to say the least.  What she said seemed to correct, sometimes it seems she likes him while other times she seems different so, her saying she doesn’t know what she feels makes perfect sense.

After that Aoi is at the place where the party is going to take place with Holmes and his family. This is where we meet the owner’s girlfriend Yoshie and her son Rikyū. Yoshie is young compared to Holmes’ grandfather but they do make a cute couple. Rikyū is pretty much Holmes’ younger brother. He’s even just as nasty as Holmes. When he first meets Aoi he tells her that they no longer need her to work at the store meaning that she is…

Holmes of Kyoto

And that was his idea of a joke. My brother pulled the same thing on me and you know what it’s still not funny. Anyway, Rikyū isn’t all that bad, after that tasteless joke he actually ends up being pretty nice to Aoi. And then we have the actor, he’s back but this time he seems more interested in the friend Aoi invited much to Aoi’s apparent disgust.

The birthday party seems to go pretty well until we get to the antique gallery that the guest is allowed to enter. The place houses all of the antiques collected by the Owner of the shop and it’s pretty much just an art museum. And the most expensive piece is on a pedestal with absolutely nothing protecting it. Nothing bad could possibly happen to…

Holmes of Kyoto

Yeah, the face gets broken how about that? And get this, it was broken after the doors to the gallery had already been locked. Right when it looks like we might get a proper mystery Holmes’ grandfather announces that the broken vase is a fake meaning someone swapped it out.

This is when Holmes steps in and solves the case in 5 minutes flat. It was a little disappointing. The culprits even tried fighting back only to be subdued by Rikyū. He’s really good at fighting. We did get to see something new Holmes got really angry for once and it was kind of spooky.

Holmes of Kyoto

Overall I’d say this episode was about as Evil as a Villian (9). I still wish the mystery element was a bit stronger but the show is enjoyable at least. If you looking for something different checkout CVoyage’s Weekly Anime Redux articles. Well, that’s all I have for you today. Thanks for letting me waste your time, people.

If you’re interested Holmes of Kyoto Simulcast on Mondays 2:35 pm EDT

Keep It Classy,
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5 thoughts on “Holmes of Kyoto Episode 6 Recap | Is It Evil?

  1. Karandi

    Yes, the nothing happening until the second half and then what little mystery we’re given is just instantly solved kind of left me wondering what the actual focus of this show is supposed to be because it’s not really doing all that much with most episodes.

    1. theevilbob

      I would really like an actual mystery for once. I mean it has the mystery tag and everything. It’s not really delivering on what was promised at the beginning at all. The only reason I’m even watching now is because it’s still charming in it’s own way. It’ll most likely not even make my top five at this rate though.

      1. Karandi

        That mystery tag is really misleading. There hasn’t been anything really that could be considered a mystery at all and the solutions to the few problems presented Holmes have been insta-solved so not really all that much mystery for the audience to get invested in.

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