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Cells at Work Episode 6 Recap | Is It Evil?

A story from the past and a multi-episode plot, what is about to happen? How Evil is the 6th episode of Cells at Work?

Cells at Work
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Well, there were no useless characters this time at least. We did get a somewhat unnecessary flashback for over half the episode but I’m not even mad about it because it was simply adorable. It was about Red and White’s first meeting ad children a meeting that red had forgotten about due to all the work she had been doing. It’s unclear if White forgot too but he doesn’t even show any recognition of it so probably not.

The flashback itself was about their first encounter with a germ. Red got lost during school and White just happened to save her while she was being attacked inside the bone marrow which is supposed to be a safe place for young cells.  Of course, neither of them could actually fight germs at that age so they spent the majority of the fight getting dusted by a rather weak germ. By the time their teachers found them and killed the germ, they had been through a lot of abuse.

Cells at Work Studio

After the flashback portion of the episode, we went back to the present where Red and White had just bumped into each other again.  Red is trying to figure out if White is the kid that saved her but she can’t seem to remember the kid’s face. She eventually blows off the idea that they could be the same person despite the fact they look exactly the same.

Latter White is enjoying his tea when a random virus attacks. White kills the virus attracting the attention of Killer T. Killer T is bored with not getting any assignments in several days so he wants to take on the virus case.  Killer T is so loud that he attracts the attention of someone new.

Cells at Work Studio

NK is a cell that hunts down things like cancer cells and attacks them. She’s kind of like a buffed up female version of Killer T but way more fun. Her and Killer T don’t really get along at all. In fact, Killer T and NK end up fighting over who gets to hunt down the virus leaving White to take over.

White takes a surviving cell as a guide to find the remaining viruses only to discover that an entire section has been wiped clean of life. Not even one virus is around. NK and Killer T show up too and NK takes the survivor into a secluded area and tells him to reveal his true form.

Cells at Work Studio

That’s where this episode ended too. We Have out first multiepisode story going on now. If they finish this up in the first half of the next episode I’d be a little disappointed that would mean the flashback was just there to waste time.  Overall this episode was about as Evil as a Super Villian! (10). This will change depending on how they wrap this story up. I hope they don’t do what I think they will. Anyway, if this show isn’t for you check out CVoyage’s Weekly Anime Redux articles. Well, that’s all I have for you today. Thanks for letting me waste your time, people.

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4 thoughts on “Cells at Work Episode 6 Recap | Is It Evil?

  1. Karandi

    Normally flash backs annoy me but I felt it worked here because it was informative about blood cells and their life cycles as well as super cute, which is kind of what this show has been good at doing. That said, the second story seems like it is getting pretty dark and I’m looking forward to next week to see how they handle it.

    1. theevilbob

      I wonder how many episodes it might take up. From what they showed it may be the start of something big. Let’s hope it’s awesome.

      1. Karandi

        It would be really good to see them get into a bit of detail with something as complex as cancer, though it might be a bit dark if they go for a super realistic view of it.

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